Massacre in Guaynabo: three men murdered on the premises of a business

Two of the deceased were employees of the municipality of Guaynabo, while the other had a criminal record.

The shooting that was reported yesterday afternoon, Thursday, on the premises of a business in Guaynabo became the first massacre of 2022 after the violent death of three men, the Police Bureau reported this Friday.

The deceased were identified as Alexander Merced De Jesús , 21 years old; Felix Ramirez Varela , 47 years old; and Juan Francisco Murga García , 53 years old.

Initially, two people were reported dead, and one seriously injured.

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The Police mentioned that Merced De Jesús had a criminal record from 2018 for weapons crimes. Instead, Ramírez Varela and Murga García did not have files and both were employees of the municipality of Guaynabo, so the authorities are investigating whether they were innocent victims of the shooting.

The events occurred at 4:47 in the afternoon at the La Loma del Tamarindo business located on Highway 169, in the Camarones neighborhood. A black vehicle arrived at the business from which several individuals fired.

The authorities seized as evidence 35 9-millimeter shell casings, 27 40-caliber shell casings, 40 7.62×39 rifle shell casings , a white bottle with marijuana stings, a black drumstick, an iPhone and personal documents. In addition, to find the gunmen, the Police investigate the security cameras in the area.

Merced De Jesús and Ramírez Varela died at the scene, while Murga García died while being treated at the Río Piedras Medical Center. All three had gunshot wounds.

Agent Vivían Acevedo Jiménez, from the Bayamón Homicide Division, and prosecutor Bárbara Pérez are investigating the case.

If you have information that helps solve crimes, you can contact the Police confidentially at 787-343-2020 (local number).

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