Massacre near Plaza de Las Americas Morelia in Michoacan left 3 dead in 3 wounded

The chaos of Morelia's deadly day with twin attacks, security responses, and ongoing investigations into these shocking incidents.
  1. Morelia, Michoacán, was rocked by two armed attacks leaving three dead, including a lawyer and a state police officer, and three others injured.
  2. A comprehensive security operation was launched by the Civil Guard and local police, along with ongoing investigations by the Michoacan Public Security Secretariat and the Prosecutor’s Office.
  3. Amid these violent incidents, the role of a bullet-riddled public service van is being probed, which transported four wounded people to a hospital, one of whom did not survive.

In Morelia, Michoacán, armed attacks culminated in a tragic tally: three lives lost and three individuals wounded. The first of these assaults transpired in the parking area of Plaza de Las Americas, nestled on Lic. Enrique Ramirez Miguel Avenue, within the Chapultepec Oriente district.

Unofficial reports from Infobae Mexico’s insiders suggest that the gunfire was targeted at two men in the shopping center’s parking lot, both fatally shot. Early reports identified the victims as potential members of the Civil Guard or the local police, citing the presence of communication radios as supporting detail.

Following the attack, the Civil Guard and local police swiftly enacted a comprehensive operation at the shopping center. They confirmed that the situation was rapidly stabilized and that bystanders in the vicinity were brought to safety. However, it remains uncertain whether the perpetrators have been apprehended.

Both victims at Plaza de Las Americas were identified: a lawyer and a state police officer. The harrowing scene, captured in photos and shared widely on social media, shows frightened bystanders seeking refuge within the nearby establishments as the sound of gunfire echoed in the background.

The Michoacan Public Security Secretariat promptly responded to the distressing reports of gunfire. “In response to the report of gunshots in Plaza Las Americas, in Morelia, we deployed a security operation in conjunction with authorities of the three orders,” it relayed via its Twitter account.

In the wake of the violent outbreak, the Michoacán Attorney General’s Office divulged that their staff was “carrying out investigative actions in Plaza Las Américas, following the detonation of gunfire.” The local Public Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed their participation in the security effort to safeguard the integrity of plaza visitors in collaboration with several corporations.

The van also had gunshot damage. Photo: TW@michangoonga
Gunshot wounds also damaged the van. Photo: TW@michangoonga

The Michoacan Prosecutor’s Office later issued a detailed statement, indicating that the events had unfolded just prior to 17:00 hours. “The detonation of gunshots was reported in the parking lot of the shopping center located south of the city, where a team of the Forensic Services Unit and Crime Scene (USPEC) to undertake the acts of investigation,” noted the Prosecutor’s Office.

Furthermore, they disclosed that “two people were killed; at first sight, they had gunshot wounds”. Through meticulous on-site examination, investigators were able to ascertain the identities of the victims, Francisco ‘N’ and Diego ‘N.’ The former was a lawyer, while the latter served as a bodyguard with the State Auxiliary Police, according to the Prosecutor’s Office statement.

In partnership with a range of state and municipal law enforcement agencies, the Public Prosecutor’s Office implemented a security operation focused on safeguarding the people in the center, noting that no additional victims were discovered.

In a worrying development, a subsequent shooting was reported in the vicinity of Plaza de Las Americas. The attack reportedly took place adjacent to Palacio del Arte on Camelinas Avenue, drawing security forces from the three levels of government to the scene.

The grim aftermath of this attack included a public service van following a gray route, punctured by multiple bullet holes. The Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office stated that the van, en route to the Hospital de la Mujer facilities, transported four wounded individuals, one of whom succumbed to their injuries. The unit itself also sustained significant damage from the gunshot wounds.

Currently, the local Public Prosecutor’s Office is conducting interviews related to the incident. Their aim is “to determine its possible relationship with the events that occurred in Plaza de Las Americas,” thereby piecing together a fuller picture of this violent and deadly day.