Massive blackout adds to heat wave and affects Buenos Aires

With temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, Buenos Aires live an intense heat wave to which has been added a massive blackout in that capital and its surroundings, affecting more than 700,000 users.

The collapse of electrical energy is due precisely to the high consumption of electricity due to the temperatures that affect the entire country. With a maximum of 41 degrees, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires reached its second historical mark.

According to information from RT in Spanish, “it is estimated that some 700,000 users are affected by the event,” the Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) reported in a statement.

Buenos Aires suffers massive blackout

Heat wave affects Buenos Aires Massive blackout adds to the heat wave and affects Buenos Aires

The agency also confirmed that at 1:14 pm there was “the disconnection of High Voltage Line 46, which links the Morón Transformer Station with the Malaver Transformer Station.”

Thousands of affected users turned their complaints and their discomfort over the situation on social networks, where the electricity service providers, Edenor and Edesur, were the main targets.

The heat wave continues to impact the City of Buenos Aires and in different parts of the country. According to the National Meteorological Service, this afternoon CABA surpassed the 40 ° barrier, a record that had not been achieved since 1995.

Argentina registers record temperatures

Massive blackout adds to heat wave and affects Buenos Aires

But also, upon reaching 41.1 ° C, CABA reached the second highest mark since 1906. Santiago del Estero and Córdoba were other territories in which the heat hit hard this Tuesday. According to the Infobae portal.

“Finally, 40 ° C was exceeded in the City of Buenos Aires. This value had not been reached since 1995 ″, the SMN pointed out through its official Twitter account. “So far it is the 4th hottest day since records began in the city (1906).”

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