Massive events at Mérida Fest ruled out due to Covid-19

The Merida Fest It will not have massive events in its 2022 edition, to celebrate the 480th anniversary of the founding of the city, revealed in an interview with AmericanPost.News, the head of the municipal Culture Directorate, Irving Berlin Villafaña.

The municipal official indicated that in its next edition, the city festival will last three weeks from January 5 to 23 and the state government established the date for the return of large-scale events to be January 24th.

“A Diego Torres concert for example can gather between five and eight thousand people, we are not going to have concerts of this type,” he mentioned.

However, he specified that the edition 2022 of Merida Fest Yes, it will have face-to-face events, but each one will have strict sanitary measures to take care of the health of the attendees and the artists.

“As you already know, the Meridana Week, which means that we have dairy, St. Lucia, etc., but we are seeing that there is a great thirst, a great hunger of the people of Merida to go out to enjoy it ”, he added.

Hybrid billboard

The head of the Culture Directorate commented that the Mérida Fest will not have massive events in 2022

He specified that the Merida Fest It will continue with face-to-face and virtual activities, so the hybrid program will allow the events to be enjoyed by people who prefer to stay at home and by Meridans who are out of town. Yucatan.

“There are not going to be artists the size of the massiveness produced by these international artists, yes there will be international artists, but I think the call is to hold an intermediate festival “, shared the director of Culture.

In this sense, Berlin Villafaña pointed out that the last two months of the year is a strong working season for the Directorate of Culture, since the months of November and December are occupied to adjust the last details of the city festival.

“We already did the calls respective, we are making the selection, now there are two open calls, one is from the Yucatecan trova contest and the other is from the reinterpretation contest of the Yucatecan trova“, He said.

The official announced that in this new edition, the festival will focus on the theme of “taste and knowledge”, since Mérida is working to be part of the creative cities of learning and knowledge of gastronomy.

“It will be a Mérida Fest associated with gastronomy, associated with the Picnic, associated with the use of public spaces to taste and learn,” he added.

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He explained that during these three weeks, the Yucatecan capital will host six events of international stature, eight premieres by Yucatecan artists, four reruns, 200 virtual presentations and other “collateral” events that are being finalized.

“The Merida Fest It comes recharged, it does not come as powerful as in the times of freedom of pandemicInstead, it has been taking small steps, we are moving forward, it will be much better than this year, much more active and with many more events ”, Berlin Villafaña concluded.

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