Mastercard presents a new bank card for its customers with low vision

A new Mastercard design aims to make life easier for visually impaired users.

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / Getty Images

Approaching a cash register to pay for coffee in the morning is probably routine for many. The transaction takes no more than a few seconds: Take out your wallet, debit or credit card and pay. However, for clients in situations of disability of
visual origin the payment process can be a bit more difficult.

Since credit, debit, and prepaid cards have a flat design with no raised names or numbers, bank cards all look the same and are confusing for people who rely on touch to distinguish differences.

Now Mastercard will launch a new line of bank cards made especially for blind or visually impaired clients that will facilitate transactions.

The company will distribute its new Touch Card, a bank card with slots on the sides which will help customers locate the correct card just by touch in the United States starting next year.

“The Touch Card will provide a greater sense of security, inclusion and independence for the 2.2 billion visually impaired people around the worldRaja Rajamannar, director of marketing and communications, said in a statement.

How are the cards

Credit cards for blind customers they will have a round groove; debit ones, a wide and square cutout; and the prepaid ones, a triangular cut, according to the company.

With this innovation, people with vision problems they no longer have to ask strangers for help identifying the card they need to use.

The new feature has been developed in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People in the United Kingdom and VISIONS / Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the United States.

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