MasterChef Celebrity: This is how a celebrity intoxicated chef José Ramón

Master Chef Celebrity is generating a lot of buzz and in the third episode, the Chef Jose Ramonmentioned that on one occasion one of the famous intoxicatedto the degree of needing medical assistance, so Internet users relived the moment.

In the last episode of MasterChef Celebrity, the athlete Macky González forced the chef Pablo Albuerne to try one of his dishes, which made José Ramón angry, who recalled that in the last edition, he ended up with an anaphylactic shock from eating a tarantula.

Judge José Ramón’s confession generated great surprise among fans of the program, who remembered the moment in which a famous person intoxicated the expert.

What happened to chef José Ramón Castillo?

What happened to José Ramón Castillo in MasterChef Celebrity? José Ramón Castillo in MasterChef Celebrity. What did Macky do on MasterChef Celebrity?

In the last edition of MasterChef Celebrity, the celebrities had to face a challenge, where they had to cook with cockroaches, scorpions, ants, tarantulas, among other insects, however one of them did not perform the proper procedure.

It was Aristeo Cazares, current host of “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana”, who cooked tarantula tacos and after the chef tried the dish, he began to have difficulty speaking and later suffered a reaction on the left side of his mouth.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that although the chef tried to remain calm, his gestures and pain were evident, so chef Betty requested medical assistance, although this was not broadcast, as there was an editing cut.

José Ramón Castillo in MasterChef Celebrity. What did Macky do on MasterChef Celebrity?

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What happened to Macky in MasterChef Celebrity?

What did Macky do on MasterChef Celebrity?

Macky González prepared a dish based on scorpions, together with Carlos Eduardo Rico, however chef Pablo Albuerne refused to try it, because he did not trust that the preparation process was adequate, since the manipulation of the sting was necessary. .

However, Macky González demanded that his dish be tested, generating anger among the judges of the MasterChef Celebrity reality show and although chef Pablo Albuerne ended up tasting the preparation, it was José Ramón who pointed out how dangerous it could have been.

Macky González’s attitude in the recent episode of Master Chef Celebrity It generated outrage among celebrities and chefs, since it put Pablo Albuerne’s health at risk.

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