Masterchef Celebrity: Why did Arturo López Gavito cry?

Arturo Lopez Gavito is known for being one of the harshest and most deadpan critics of The academy, Well, the regular public to reality shows where the music producer has participated, is used to not seeing him get excited about anything.

However, that has changed in his entrance to the most famous kitchen in Mexico, in Master Chef CelebrityWell, apparently the Iron Judge has shown to have feelings, which has caused surprise in many viewers.

And it is that as we told you in AmericanPost.News, recently Arturo López Gavito was romantically related to the trans actress Karla Sofía Gascón for responding on their social networks as if they were husbands.

Judge makes Arturo López Gavito cry

To the surprise of many, a judge from The Academy made the iceman cry, and it happened during the broadcast of the most recent episode of MasterChef Celebrity.

During this the Arthur ended up in the elimination challenge after having to cook with a team that had no order and no idea what they were doing, so they didn’t make it to the balcony.

Due to this, he ended up in the elimination challenge in which he had to prepare a paella, after chef Pablo gave them a masterclass on how to prepare it.

When it was time to present his dish, the Iron Judge was the last to go to the judges’ table of the TV Azteca cooking show, and that’s when a comment by Chef Pablo made him cry.

When tasting the dish, the Chef recognized the effort of Lopez Gavito and He told him that it was the closest to the preparation that Chef Pablo himself did, which made López Gavito burst into tears.

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The fans took the opportunity to make memes

The iron judge received the congratulations of his companions

Due to these incidents, several fans of the famous Judge and iron took the opportunity to show their love for him, in addition to making some memes regarding this topic because they had never seen him open up and reveal his feelings.

The music producer assured that he needed a break and that the cooking program has done it for him, to which Chef Joserra indicated that this is what the cooking reality show is for and invited him not to take himself so seriously, and have more fun in the kitchen most famous in Mexico.

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