Matías Aranda denied separation with Yuridia: “We all have a crisis”

Yuridia was upset with the speculations they made about her husband and an alleged addiction (Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers

The marriage between Matías Aranda and Yuridia has been seen mired in controversy due to the constant rumors where their separation is predicted. Given this, the singer came out to give his position on the matter.

It was in a meeting with the media, where the basketball player He denied the gossip and assured that separating is not part of his plans of the singer of I already forgot you.

(Go) good very good, They are going to be married for three years, a long time together and, well, very well, “he explained.

However, Aranda pointed out that despite being in a good moment in the relationship, being public figures was somewhat complicated, since many people constantly commented on their lives.

“You never get used to that, I mean, I think they are things that have to be accepted and adapted to, many times I try not to get involved or talk about those thingsand when I see them I solve it with her and we see the way in which the least we can communicate to people so that things are not misunderstood”, he commented.

Matias and Yuridia
What started the rumors was a famous magazine (Photo: Instagram/@elmatiaranda)

Similarly, Arandas mentioned that although the rumors of their separation have been false, something that has happened is that he has had conflicts with Yuridia, but he added that this is not an extraordinary case and that it can happen to many people.

We’ve all had crises, I think above all talking about it, it’s normal in all couples, we’ve been together for a long time, I think like 12, three married and many times involve work, a lot of time together, but well, there is love, above all, and I think we are in a good stage

Regarding Yuridia’s next projects, Aranda surprised with an advance and mentioned that the interpreter is preparing to surprise her fans with new music.

The 35-year-old singer conducted a question-and-answer dynamic with her followers (Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)
The 35-year-old singer previously spoke about a magazine that tried to defame her (Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)

“He is already preparing it, there is nothing left to go out, since people can know it, it is a new facet, It’s very good, interesting, I think people are going to feel very comfortable with that album. There are three duets with (Banda) MS, Edén Muñiz, former Caliber 50 and another one that is a surprise”, he confirmed.

And it is that this is not the first time that the couple has come out to defend their relationship, because in October 2021, Yuridia broke the silence and spoke on the subject from his account Instagram.

The initial rumors happened after TVNotes disclosed the alleged breakup and that Yuridia had problems with her way of consuming alcoholic beverages.

The singer has also denied the rumors about her marriage (Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflowers)

“Matías told him that he couldn’t take his rhythm of life anymore”expressed an alleged close friend of Yuridia who made different statements according to the magazine.

In this regard, the interpreter of friends no please She decided to clarify everything in her temporary stories where she shared some photos and videos with her husband in which she made fun of the statements about the alleged separation: “Guys here I am with the abandoner, I’m having a good time. I never drank in my life and I’m not that type of person and if I were, it’s worth it “.

He also added: “Since they already dared to make a defamatory note, my question is Do you want a lawsuit? Because the truth would be father”.


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