Matías Novoa explains the reason for his separation with Isabella Castillo and denies romance with Michelle Renaud

Matías Novoa passes by the blue carpet of GQ Magazine on its 15th anniversary, where the actor from “The Lord of the Skies” explains what was the reason why he and Isabella Castillo decided to end their marriage, just two years after their marriage. link.

“Well, life is like that, sometimes you have to make these decisions and not enter into relationships that can become a bit toxic. I think we both decided it calmly, talking and each one took a different path, that’s the way it is ”.

The Chilean affirms that he continues to believe in love and assures that his ex-wife will always have a special place in his heart.

“I still believe in love despite everything. Despite the falls I keep dreaming about it, and obviously I wish him well. She will always be in my heart, I love her very much, I adore her and she is a special person who taught me many things ”.

Matías points out that he is not yet ready to start a new love relationship and clarifies that he does not have an affair with Michelle Renaud, as some media have speculated.

“No, right now I am not going to fall in love again, how can I fall in love again if I have been coming out of a relationship. No, I don’t know why they are talking about that, that has nothing to do with it, this was a personal decision, me and Isabella, there are no third parties ”.

“What happens is that we made a movie together (with Michele), so I think people started talking about things and we just finished filming, but now, nothing happens.”

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