Matt Damon knows all the lyrics from Harry Styles’ latest album by heart

Matt Damon knows all the lyrics from Harry Styles’ latest album by heart

The actor Matt Damon will always associate part of his period of domestic confinement with the British singer Harry Styles. As the Hollywood star confessed in his conversation with People, the great fondness that his daughters feel for the music of the former member of the group one direction ended up “splashing” him during all those months after the release of the singer’s second album, Fine line, in December 2019, since it did not stop ringing in his house.

So much so, that the artist and his daughters Isabella (15 years old), Gia (12) and Stella (10), the result of his marriage to Luciana Barroso placeholder image, attended a Harry concert in New York last September and, to their surprise, Matt knew each and every one of the lyrics of the songs that the Briton performed, as did his younger fans. The actor may be “too old” to be so familiar with the themes of the youth idol, but the truth is that he ended up delighted with the recital and with the energy displayed by Harry on stage, as much or more than his own daughters.

“It was great, really, it was very good. My daughters adore him and I remember that his album came out, or at least I was aware of its existence, during the first confinement. So imagine, the record played over and over at my house. At the concert I knew every word of every song. Maybe I’m too old to know all the lyrics, but that’s the way it is, “joked the famous actor in his interview.

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