Matt Damon on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s romance: “I wish you the worst”

The actor Matt Damon has already made clear on several occasions his wish that Ben Affleck, one of your best friends in the film industry, be “happy” at all levels and, now that your renewed sentimental relationship with Jennifer Lopez, especially in the love field.

That explains why the Hollywood star has allowed himself to make the odd joke when asked again for the opinion that this second and exciting chapter deserves in the love story of the two interpreters. Understanding that the answer to the question was quite obvious, given the affection he has always felt for his good friend, the artist has chosen to radically change his approach.

“Of course I am happy. How could I not be? Would I be sad? Imagine I said to you, ‘Look, I hate true love. It seems disgusting to me, ‘”he joked as he passed through the Sirius XM radio station. “I wish you the worst, a lot of difficulties,” added the actor to his curious performance.

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