Mattel and SpaceX, the company of Elon Musk, will launch a line of space toys

Elon Musk is always giving something to talk about and this time is no exception, it has already been revealed thate Mattel will make toys inspired by the space rocket company SpaceX, owned by the South African tycoon.

The alliance was recently announced by ehe maker of the famous Barbie dolls and popular Hot Wheels cars, which has resonated in the market in recent days, since its new line of toys will be inspired by SpaceX.

They will be launched from 2023

It will be through your brand match boxthat Mattel will release toys about SpaceX, which will be marketed from 2023, to the delight not only of children, but of people who love space themes.

And not only that, but also will release limited edition items aimed at collectors on its online platform, Mattel Creationswhere high-end toys are sold.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to create products and experiences that honor cultural moments and inspire humanity”Nick Karamanos, Senior Vice President of Entertainment Partnerships at Mattel, said in a statement.

rocket and astronaut toys

SpaceX also expressed its position for the alliance for several years with the toy giant in this new adventure that they undertake to launch toys on rockets and astronauts.

“At SpaceX, we believe that a future in which humanity is among the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one in which we are not.” said Brian Bjelde, vice president of Elon Musk’s rocket company.

Mattel’s expertise in space toys

It is not the first time that Mattel has made toys to make its followers dream of adventures in outer space, since it was in 1965, when the giant launched its first Astronaut Barbie.

The making of the doll sand inspired the first American astronauts who traveled to outer space and participated in the Mercury project.

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