Matthew Siegler uncovers heat-emitting object on the dark side of the Moon: could be volcanic activity

Matthew Siegler suggests an ancient, dormant volcano hidden in shadows, challenging our understanding of the Moon's geological history.

The Moon is causing a stir in scientific circles after the discovery of a heat-emitting object on the satellite’s dark side. This according to a study presented by Matthew Siegler of the Planetary Science Institute in the United States, who revealed that this heat-emitting object on the Moon would be buried.

He made his discovery known in the journal Nature, where he explained that he used information from the probes:

  • Chang E1 and 2 from China
  • Lunar Prospector
  • NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiters

With all these data, it concluded that this heat source came from 3.5 million years ago.

This is even more surprising because it had never been found in all this lunar research.

The Moon’s heat-emitting object could be a volcano.

Matthew Siegler points out that this strange heat-emitting object on the dark side of the Moon has all the characteristics of a subway volcano.

It is a concentration of the Moon’s own radioactive material, such as granite-turned batholith, characteristic of volcanoes that never erupted.

In other words, the study points out that the heat-emitting object on the dark side of the Moon has all the elements of solidified magma.

Luna Negra
Black Moon (Pixabay)

With this new data, it has been concluded that the Moon may have had volcanic activity for billions of years.

It ended just 100 million years ago, in the Cretaceous era of the Earth.

This is strange since there should not be volcanoes on the Moon or heat sources of this type; for the batholith to exist, water and tectonic plates are needed.

So far, no research indicates that the Moon could have harbored water and would not have plates in its interior, being solid rock.

Some believe that the heat-emitting object on the Moon is not a volcano.

Of course, there is also another side to explain this heat-emitting object of the Moon, which has a more “conspiracy” cut, so-to-speak.

This was after the news of the heat-emitting object on the dark side of the Moon was shared by Jaime Maussan.

Jaime Maussan points out that the hypotheses are not conclusive about the affirmation that it is a subway volcano, opening the possibility to other explanations.

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Waning Quarter Moon (Karl Callwood / Unsplash)

Many of Jaime Maussan’s followers claim that these are alien bases and even an entire colony living on the dark side of the Moon.

Noting that the theory has been circulating among professional and amateur ufologist groups for several years, all that is missing is official confirmation from the world’s governments.