Mattress company pays you $250 an hour to help you sleep

Try products that help you fall asleep and earn $250 per hour.

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If you consider yourself fussy about sleeping because you have trouble falling asleep, we inform you that there is a company that is looking for your services, because they are dedicated to develop sleeping devices and wants to prove that they are really effective.

“Are you tired of being tired? Are you spending night after night struggling to fall asleep no matter how hard you try? We have a job opportunity that could be perfect for you,” the ad says.

Sleepjunkie is looking for someone to test and review the latest aids and devices to show how beneficial each aid can be for people who have trouble sleeping around the world.

The company will pay the successful candidate $2,000 to review the products over a period of eight weeks. The applicant has to be a self-confessed insomniac, so ask professional sleepers to please refrain from filling out the application.


– Eligible candidate must be available to start after February 28

– You can work/sleep from home

– Must be 21 years or older

– Be a resident of the United States

– have excellent typing skills and owning a smartphone that is compatible with sleep tracking applications

The “picky sleeper” will test and review eight different sleep aids and devices over the course of two months, reviewing each product based on a one-week trial.

Products will include apps, pillows, eye masks, and bedding. Each review will take approximately one hour and will be completed using an online form that answers questions about sleep quality provided by the team of sleep experts.

The selected candidate You will be paid $2,000 in total, equivalent to $250 per hour. and you will be allowed to keep all sleep aids.

The closing date for applications is February 14.

Those interested in the position can register HERE.

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