Mau Nieto breaks the silence and denies accusations of abuse

The Mexican comedian Mauricio Nieto is amidst controversy after stand-up producer Melissa Yamel turned to her social networks to publicly denounce him for sexual abuse.

Melissa indicated that she had sexual relations with Nieto without her consent after she decided to approach him and then commented that she had liked his comedy special released on the Netflix platform.

“When I saw him, I was very moved because he had just released his first special on Netflix. I approached him to tell him that I really liked his routine, to which he immediately replied: ‘What are you drinking?’ (…) I remember asking him: ‘Mauricio Nieto, why do you invite me so many drinks?’, ‘To be able to have sex with you,’ he answered,” reads a Twitter thread about the alleged action in 2018.

Now Mauricio, also known for hosting “100 Latinos Dijeron” on Estrella TV, has issued a statement in which he reacts to Yamel’s publication and says that he will present the evidence he has to prove his innocence.

Likewise, he warns that he will take the necessary legal actions to defend his integrity and prevent his career of many years from being affected.

“Everyone who knows me knows that I am a person who preaches upright values and ideals and who disapproves of any behavior that violates the dignity and rights of any person. (…) I want to tell you that I am calm and ready so that, if necessary, I contribute the elements that I have, proving my complete innocence. In the same way, if it is the case, I will take the necessary legal actions to defend my integrity as a person,” he said on his Instagram profile.

In this sense, Mau Nieto said he supports victims of any crime by going to the authorities to report possible criminal acts. However, he presumed that the sexual abuse of which Melissa Yamel accuses him could be the product of his confusion between a consensual act and a forced one.

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“There is a big difference between consensual sexual encounters and those that attack people’s sexual freedom; confusing them causes irreparable damage on a personal, family, and work level, affecting a career that I have built over many years and with a lot of effort,” he concluded.

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On the other hand, there is no formal complaint to this day. Still, it has transpired that the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office contacted the alleged victim to support her if she decides to take any legal action.