Mauricio Martínez regrets that Pati Chapoy defends “a criminal” like Berumen

The actor Mauricio Martinez revealed on his social networks on March 10 that he was victim of alleged sexual abuse by the producer Antonio “Toño” Berumen. Given this, the driver of Ventaneando, Pati Chapoy, offended Mauricio by calling him “garbage” for accusing the producer like that, since, according to her, Berumen is an “admirable” person.

For this reason, Martínez issued a statement on his Instagram account regretting Chapoy’s position since the actor considers that the host and producer of Ventaneando is defending an alleged criminal on a national channel and minimizing the accusations of abuse:

“To you, Pati, who yesterday, with pleasure, pride and boundless energy, took the right to criticize a man who was the victim of sexual violence. Criticizing a victim who had the courage to tell her story that carried in silence for years, you showed your unconditional support to a criminal not only in public but also in front of cameras on a national television channel,” said Mauricio Martínez, who was criticized by Pati Chapoy for revealing the abuse he experienced.

What happened to Mauricio Martinez?

The actor declared that he was the victim of abuse by the producer/Photo: Infobae

The Mexican actor and singer revealed in a thread on his Twitter account that inspired by the complaint made by Sasha Sokol against the producer Luis de Llano the actor finally decided to talk about the alleged abuse and sexual harassment he experienced from Antonio Berumen, another famous producer of the company Televisa.

In the thread of the social network, he says that in 2002 he was looking for a representative, so he looked for Berumen in his office, located in his home. And when he was in the place, he was invited to take a bath in his shower, there he realized that there was a video recording camera in the place, besides that wanted to touch him without his consent.

“I left quite nervous. He told me ‘you are very tense; why don’t you take a bath?’ My stomach churned. In that he wanted to massage my neck and in the blink of an eye, his hand was already where he didn’t have to be. I pushed him, I lied to his mother and ran away”, Shared the actor Mauricio Martínez against Berumen.

Mauricio Martínez criticizes the position of Pati Chapoy

Martínez criticized Chapoy’s position in this situation/Photo: Posta

After this complaint, the driver attacked Martínez on her television program and flatly asked that they not believe Mauricio because she assured that her friend Berumen would be incapable of doing something like that.

“But why do they believe this guy Mauricio Martínez is unpresentable? He tells pure lies (…) It’s rubbish, don’t even take it into account at allChapoy said in the middle of the Ventaneando broadcast.

Given this, Mauricio Martínez declared in his Instagram post that in his letter he emphasized that the only thing Chapoy did was protect a predator and deprive many victims of the opportunity to tell your truth.

Similarly, Mauricio Martínez made a reminder of when Chapoy sided with the singer Enrique Guzmán when his granddaughter Frida Sofía accused him of having been abused by him and began to question her, pointing out if she was doing it out of loyalty or just to be on a trending topic.