Mauricio Martínez suffers the consequences of denouncing the abuse of which he was a victim so many years ago

Six months after denouncing his aggressor, the actor Mauricio Martinez She decides to use her experience to help others through her podcast “A mí Tambien” (Pitaya), along with other victims she has met as a result of her complaint.

“Me, six months ago I decided to publicly denounce my aggressor who sexually abused me 20 years ago and I never imagined what would be triggered. An avalanche of messages of support came to him, but there was also re-victimization even by important communicators from Mexico, calling my statements into question, calling me a liar and so on and well… ”.

“The most surprising thing was that I received countless cases of more victims, not only of this man as well but of other young people who had been abused in the same way or worse by this man as well, and also more people, more people who had many want to talk.”

What have you learned from this whole process?
I have learned with these cases that I hear and with more people who approach me that there is always something pending, there is always a part of my heart that heals.
«When I listen to someone else, when I reach out to someone else, when I help or maybe inspire more people through my case to speak, to dare to speak».

Did you manage to do something against Toño Berúmen?
Not yet, we are in a legal process, we are more than twenty victims against Toño Berumen and well, we are waiting for news, we are doing well, I cannot speak much about the case but hey, justice is being sought.

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