Mauricio Ochmann reveals why he separated from Aislinn Derbez

There is no doubt that one of the couples that we miss the most in the middle of the show is the one that made up the actors Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochman who after four years of marriage, in November 2019 decided to separate.

Now after two long years of divorce, the actor from “El Chema” spoke for the first time about the reasons they had for not being together anymore.

Although it must be clarified that despite their separation, the actors maintain a good relationship of respect and friendship for their daughter, with whom, as we inform you here at AmericanPost.News, they spend a lot of time together and even show how proud and happy they are on their social networks together. who are for Kailani.

“We were on different paths”: Ochmann

It was during an interview he held on the You Tube program “The interview with Yordi Rosado”, where Ochmann opened his heart and said, “I had to be the one who turned to Ais, at one point, and told her: ‘I think that we are on different paths and I think we have wanted to for 6 years. We have a wonderful daughter, we adore each other, I love you very much and you love me, there is a genuine love, but I have to let you grow and live your process, and I have to live mine and we are getting our foot in it”.

In addition, he commented that he considered that he was being selfish by wanting to cling to things going well by force, to continue together without reason to be.

On the other hand, he clarified that the participation of both in the series Traveling with the Derbez was not the cause of their separation, as had been speculated, since according to his words, the couple’s problems came from a long time ago and in an attempt to fix them, they even took couples therapy.

“We were already coming with complications and I had begun to notice certain things. We were in a therapeutic process for a long time, we tried to go to couples therapy and it was an evolutionary process; I feel that the same therapy helped us separate and go through the changes in the relationship , because everyone experienced it differently,” he concluded.

Who is Aislinn Derbez’s new boyfriend?

After her sad and hard separation from Mauricio, Aislinn Derbez remained single until after a year as a new smile illuminates her personal life and we refer to Jonathan Kubben, who is her new partner.

The news was released through the actress’s Instagram account, and has even spread the good relationship that Jonathan has with his little daughter and even with his father Eugenio Derbez who has already said what he thinks about the new boyfriend.

Contrary to what many would think, Eugenio has assured that he likes her very much, describing the relationship he has with his daughter as “wonderful”.

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