Mauricio Sulaimán offers a solution to transgender boxers

Photo: Álvaro Paulin / Imago7

Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), considers that the issue of transgender boxers is complicated and delicate, so it must be treated with full responsibility and care. In this sense, he considers that they should have their own league.

“We have contemplated making the proposal of a league for transgender fights. We have had this continuous forum. What we are looking for is to avoid a security and danger situation with a potential accident in the ring,” Sulaimán said in an interview with the portal. left foot.

It is no secret to anyone that the WBC has always been concerned about the safety of boxers. This is why in the next Annual Convention, in the United States, this topic will be discussed again, even with some plans.

“It is something that definitely has to be addressed to have a formal position on the part of boxing. You can get into a confusion, in the sense of wanting to divert the subject. To not be boxing-medical, but equality-discrimination. That is why we are going to address the issue with all the responsibility and care that it requires”, assured the head of the WBC.

It is worth noting that in other sports the participation of transgender athletes has caused controversy; especially with those who compete in the women’s branch. And it is considered that these have a greater advantage by having testosterone.

“There are medical studies, specific issues and it will be on the agenda of the next convention. Our position regarding women’s boxing is one of absolute and total protection. In no way are the conditions for women’s fights going to change,” Sulaimán said.

The Mexican also warned that there will be a total regulation regarding transgender boxing: “Dealing with such a delicate issue where a woman possibly participates in a fight, there must be a total and absolute regulation. The body, the skeleton of a man and a woman, are different”.

With information from Izquierdazo