Mauro Icardi does not divorce Wanda Nara: The footballer silenced the rumors about a possible separation

Rumors have been circulating for hours that they assure that Wanda Nara has asked Mauro Icardi for a divorce because “he couldn’t take it anymore”. This time it is due to the alleged leak of an audio message that she sent to her maid informing her of her decision to explain that she was putting her belongings in order.

The soccer player’s marriage with his representative was about to break months ago when she discovered the messages he had exchanged with the Argentine actress Eugenia Suárez. Mauro managed to convince her that nothing had happened between them and Wanda decided to stop the divorce process that she had started, but only after he agreed to give her everything she asked for.

The Paris Saint Germain player has now clarified through Instagram that nothing is true in that story: “I don’t know who makes me feel more sorry, if those who invent things in my life or those who believe them”reads the message he has published in his Stories.

Although Mauro has labeled his wife, at the moment she has not responded or commented on the alleged crisis. The last thing he published in his Stories, less than an hour ago, was a selfie of him in front of the mirror, but without any additional communication.

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