Max Verstappen gives Checo Pérez a new nickname at Red Bull

Everything is ready for the 2022 Formula 1 season and Red Bull has the mission of being crowned again as it did in 2021. For this they will need you Max verstappen Y Checo Pérez have an excellent performance equal to or better than that shown last season.

Faced with this situation and according to the Infobae portal, the Dutch driver praised the Mexican after his performance at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, baptizing him with a new nickname that showed his gratitude and respect for the man from Guadalajara.

In a video published by Red Bull Racing, a conversation between the two drivers is observed, recalling the Abu Dhabi GP, where Lewis hamilton and Max Verstappen arrived tied in points, something unprecedented, and whoever achieved a better position would be crowned.

Checo Pérez did not let Hamilton pass

Checo Pérez contained Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez

Everything was lost when Hamilton left the pits before Verstappen, however, between Lewis and victory, only Sergio Pérez stood in the way. It was there that the Mexican shone, protecting the first position and making time for his partner to catch up.

Given this work, Verstappen appointed Pérez as the “Minister of Defense.” The Czech’s work in that career earned him recognition from locals and strangers. When Verstappen got back on track, he was 11 seconds behind Hamilton.

Thanks to Checo’s defensive skills, the distance was reduced to three. As if that were not enough, when Max was close to the two leaders, Sergio let him pass him to fight for the championship in a one-on-one final.

Checo Pérez gave the victory to Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Checo Pérez

Subsequently, Verstappen managed to pass Lewis Hamilton on the last lap and be crowned the best rider of 2021. Recalling this race, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner commented on the great relationship between the two riders.

“(Czech) He has been a great teammate this year. The atmosphere between you has been fantastic. He says you owe him a beer for Abu Dhabi, “to which Verstappen replied,” Oh, I’m going to pay for beers. I’m going to pay for a lot of beers. It’s going to be good. “

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