The influencer Marina Lebedeva may have reacted to the anesthesia and died

  • A famous influencer dies after undergoing a nose job
  • The director of the clinic said that the patient had passed several tests before surgery
  • She might have had a life-threatening reaction to the anesthesia

Dies influencer nose surgery. In recent months, several influencer deaths recognized for having some surgeries have been announced, all to look better in front of the camera and gain more followers. These days, young celebrities on social media will do anything to have the largest number of followers on their accounts.

On this occasion, the death of a young influencer of only 31 years of age was announced, who lost her life after undergoing a rather expensive nose surgery at a renowned Russian clinic. The young woman apparently could not bear the anesthesia causing a fatal reaction, according to The Sun.

Influencer dies from nose surgery

Influencer nose surgery dies
Photo The Sun

This is the young Marina Lebedeva who, at just 31 years old, died in a renowned Russian clinic where she underwent a nose job. It is noteworthy that she wanted the rhinoplasty procedure to “correct” the shape of her nose, reports say.

One of the most remembered deaths was that of the young influencer Yoselin Cano better known as the ”Mexican Kim Kardashian. The woman passed away at the age of 29 last December, where it was also due to complications from a poorly executed surgery.

Influencer nose surgery dies: Causes of death

Causes of his death
Photo The Sun

The investigations and part of the medical staff that was present at the operation assure that the cause of his death could have been due to a fatal reaction to anesthesia. While the surgery was being performed at an Artibeaut clinic in Saint Petersburg, his temperature rose considerably.

Marina Lebedeva would have died while plastic surgeons and paramedics fought to save her in the Russian clinic. Immediately the private clinic had called an ambulance as soon as they realized that the influencer stopped breathing after raising her temperature.

Influencer nose surgery dies: Research is carried out
Photo The Sun

A criminal case for medical malpractice has been opened in St. Petersburg, and surgeons face up to six years in prison if convicted and found guilty of the 31-year-old’s death. So far, investigations continue to find out what really happened.

It is worth mentioning that Marina Lebedeva had a family made up of her husband and her young son. Even the husband of the image consultant rushed back to the city after a business trip when he was told about his tragic death of his wife.

Influencer nose surgery dies: “A forensic medical examination will be carried out”

Influencer dies "A forensic medical examination will be carried out"
Photo The Sun

The director of the clinic, Alexander Efremov, said that the patient had passed several tests before the nose surgery, which was performed by highly qualified doctors. “Doctors are shocked and say this happens once in a million surgeries,” he added.

He believes that a genetic condition led to her death, as her temperature rose after the injection of anesthesia: “A forensic medical examination will be carried out, but I can say that we performed the surgery according to all normal standards. . If any violation occurred, it would be the first case of this type, “he said.

Influencer nose surgery dies: Odalis died for a beauty campaign

Influencer nose surgery dies: Odalis died for a beauty campaign
PHOTO: Instagram

Another similar case occurred on July 6 when it was announced that a young Mexican athlete had died due to medical negligence, because they were practicing a ‘safe’ procedure so that she would not sweat ‘so much’, in a clinic of beauty where he had to advertise to his followers and promote the brand; everything was going well, until a complication put the young woman’s life at risk and when she did not see trained personnel, she ended up dying.

It was through social networks and local media, such as Channel 6, that the death of a young Jalisco woman who had risen to fame for competing as a bodybuilder and showing her followers the harsh disciplines she exercised to achieve the results was announced. that were needed at the time of going to contest.

They confirm his death

They confirm his death
PHOTO: Instagram

It was the girl’s friends who made the sad news known to the community of followers, where they explained that Odalis died due to the treatment and that they demanded justice for her, since there was no specific protocol that they followed at the time she was presented. the emergency; Thus, the clinic was held responsible, since they were the ones who assured that it was an “easy and non-risky procedure” that ended the life of the Mexican.

In the text shared by one of his friends, the following reads: “(…) Odalis left lifeless, went to work and was killed, which is why today all of Mexico demands justice, that those responsible for her death be punished . And that this case remains as a precedent for those who seek an aesthetic treatment, which could take their lives if they fall into the hands of inexperienced people ”, ending with the Justice for Odalis hashtag. Filed Under: Armpit Influencer Die.

A negligence on the part of the clinic

The clinic has not ruled on the matter

The cause of death has not been clarified, but it is taken into account that Odalis was in perfect health conditions and had entered the place without any suffering, for this reason it is that the girl’s friends blame the place and mention that it was negligence , since they put the lives of those who assist with personnel who are not trained for it at risk.

“She was a young entrepreneur, athlete and full of dreams; Today he died, he died of negligence in a clinic where he underwent treatment to reduce armpit sweating. Odalis Santos Mena was an athlete and influencer in Guadalajara, and this morning she went to the SkinPiel clinic, where she had been hired to promote a treatment to reduce sweating, which promised to be easy and safe ”, wrote Eduardo O., a collaborator and friend of the young woman. Filed Under: Nose Surgery Influencer Dies

The clinic has not ruled on the matter

Influencer dies after negligence: The clinic has not commented on the matter
PHOTO: Instagram

Until this moment, the Skin Piel Wellness clinic has not commented on the matter, the only action they did was to limit the comments of their publications, but that did not prevent followers, friends and family of Odalis from expressing themselves against the situation that he presented himself and it has been made known that the next of kin have filed a complaint against him.

Moments before Odalis lost his life, he had shared stories with his followers on Instagram where he is seen in the clinic in the company of a woman, the same one who explains the treatment process and how it works in the body, mentioning that everything it was “easy and safe.” Filed Under: Nose Surgery Influencer Dies

Possible causes of death

Influencer dies after negligence: Possible causes of death
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It was through a video that circulates on networks that it became known that the young woman had died due to the anesthesia that had been practiced and that at the time of entering into complications, there were no medical personnel who could help her, so it was it led to a more dangerous situation and it ended his life.

“Everything indicates that what happened with Odalis was medical negligence. Everything indicates that the anesthesia passed and there was no doctor who attended her quickly, only apparently a paramedic attended her, and she did not have enough or enough equipment to, well, for an emergency of that type; Then, unfortunately that is what happened ”, related a young woman to the followers who asked about the situation. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Nose Surgery Influencer Dies

Her boyfriend fires her

Influencer dies after neglect: her boyfriend fires her
PHOTO: Instagram

Odalis was just a young woman who had the dream of continuing to compete, express herself with followers and work on what she liked. She was a normal girl, who wanted to spend time with her family, friends and partner, but unfortunately that can no longer happen, due to a bad beauty procedure that went terribly wrong.

Her partner Víctor Carreño, who is also dedicated to sports, fired her in this way a couple of hours ago, on her Instagram profile: “Your actions in life echo in eternity. I will take you forever with me short, it makes no sense to write here what I feel in my heart, @odalis_sm I LOVE YOU! side. Filed Under: Nose Surgery Influencer Dies

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