Maya Nazor and rapper Santa Fe Klan come together for son Luka’s first birthday

The influencer uploaded several videos and photos with the details of the celebration, in some moments the rapper is appreciated

Maya Nazor shared with her 5.5 million followers on Instagram the excitement she lived in the process of the first birthday party of Luka, the baby she had with rapper Santa Fe Klan, with a beautiful decoration full of balloons and animated characters. The celebrities went all out.

One of the things that attracted the most attention is that the meeting was held during the day, in a garden where they adapted some tents so that the guests did not suffer from the sun or the extreme weather, the beautiful cake and the gifts inside the piñatas. Still, it was not the only thing. The social media influencer shared that her ex-partner Santa Fe Klan was also present.

“Hey, everything at Luka’s party has been great, many of Luka’s baby friends came and many friends with their children, his daddy came, his daddy’s family, his mommy’s family, so I’m very happy because everything went super nice, thank you all for your messages,” Maya described in one of her Instagram stories.

In addition to the fact that all the decorations looked very luxurious, Maya Nazor also looked spectacular. The blonde opted for a jumper-type outfit in red tone, plus silver platform-style sandals with hundreds of rhinestones, which gave a different look to her host mom’s outfit.

Will there be a reconciliation?

Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor ended their relationship in 2022 by mutual agreement. However, when the news was released, people pointed out that the rapper was allegedly unfaithful. She was said to be interested because she was asking for a very high financial pension, although some details were revealed.

Maya shows off her outfit. IG/mayanazor
Maya shows off her outfit. IG/mayanazor

“It’s hard for me to talk because many of you are being harsh and giving opinions when you don’t know the reality of my relationship, you don’t know the reality of anything. I did not leave Angel, nor did he leave me, it was a decision that we both made and we just separated as a couple because we are still family, we have a son that I love with all my heart and that he loves and that will never change,” were some of Maya Nazor’s words.

Another thing that has been speculated is a possible reconciliation. Still, Santa Fe Klan also had an alleged affair with Karely Ruiz, Maya’s friend, so from that moment, it was more difficult for the couple’s followers to think that things could be fixed between them.

Several of Luka's friends enjoyed the special day. IG/mayanazor
Several of Luka’s friends enjoyed the special day. IG/mayanazor