Maya Nazor breaks her silence: The truth behind Santa Fe Klan’s controversial song dedicated to Karely Ruiz

Maya Nazor speaks out about Santa Fe Klan's controversial song dedicated to Karely Ruiz, revealing the truth behind their breakup

Santa Fe Klan continues to be embroiled in controversy over his love life, as just a few months after ending his romance with the mother of his child, Maya Nazor, he starred in a passionate moment with Karely Ruiz at a concert he gave in Monterrey, where he not only kissed the famous OnlyFans model, he also dedicated a song he originally wrote in honor of her baby.

The unexpected encounter unleashed divided opinions on social networks. While some began to rumor about a possible romance between the Guanajuato performer and the influencer, others criticized that he dared to sing Mar y Tierra, a promise of love for Maya Nazor, with whom he broke up in December 2022, which he used to announce the arrival of his firstborn.

Maya Nazor tried to stay out of the situation to avoid controversy. Still, due to the large number of comments she began to receive on her social networks, she broke her silence and assured that her only interest now is safeguarding the integrity of her baby, who will turn one year old in June 2023.

The influencer reiterated her position in an interview she gave for Amy Rey and confessed how she felt when she found out that her ex-partner dared to dedicate Mar y Tierra to Karely Ruiz:

“Well, nothing. It was a… I don’t know, and I didn’t realize it. I don’t know. I didn’t realize, and I didn’t know. Sometimes you find out more about things from the fans who tag you and who are tagging and tagging you. I have TikTok and Instagram notifications deactivated. I only have calls and WhatsApp for any emergency with my family”.

La polémica canción se estrenó en abril de 2022.  (Foto: Instagram/@nazormaya)
The controversial song was released in April 2022. (Photo: Instagram/@nazormaya)

“I get up suddenly at night to put Luka back to sleep, to give him lechita, to put him back to sleep. I grabbed the phone and that’s when I see that they start tagging me… well, nothing, I just saw it and well, no way. I have nothing to say or feel, everyone has their own life”.

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In this way, Maya Nazor hinted that her romantic love story with Santa Fe Klan ended definitively in December 2022 and that any decision the rapper makes about his personal life is none of her business unless it affects their common son.

But that was not all. The influencer assured that she no longer feels any romantic feelings for the father of her baby: “I feel a lot of respect and respect that will exist for life. Luka will always have his mommy and daddy, and I will always respect him, always“.

La expareja no dio detalles sobre su separación. (Foto Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473)
The ex-couple did not explain their separation (Photo Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473).

Karely Ruiz apologized for her mistakes.

Although both the model from Monterrey and the rapper from Guanajuato denied their alleged romance, both continue to be talked about for their musical collaboration, whose special video clip will be released this Thursday, May 4, on OnlyFans.

Likewise, the accusations would have negatively impacted Karely Ruiz, who resorted to her Instagram stories to apologize for all her mistakes. Among these would be the statements she launched about Maya Nazor after her kisses with Santa Fe Klan went viral.

“I just want to say that I am in my best moment, that’s why I disappeared for a while, but I am sorry for many things I said, and I want to apologize. I got carried away. I do not measure words; I am very impulsive, but I accept my mistakes and want you to always be with me. I promise you that you motivate me a lot, and thank you for everything. I owe part of who I am right now to you,” she wrote.