Maya Nazor shares Luka’s first words and fuels reconciliation rumors with Santa Fe Klan

The tender moments of motherhood with Maya Nazor, amidst whispers of rekindling romance with rapper Santa Fe Klan.

From the day Luka came into the world, his mother, Maya Nazor, has been curating a digital scrapbook of his development. Although she’s kept her identity closely guarded, she’s offered her followers glimpses into Luka’s growth and her joy in motherhood.

Recently, in a short video shared on her Instagram stories, Maya documented a precious milestone that warmed her followers’ hearts. Luka’s first words can be heard in the clip, where Maya gently coaxes him to say “Mama.” The little one doesn’t disappoint, responding with the sweet word, earning him a shower of kisses from his mother.

What could have been a fluke turns out not to be. Luka repeats the word several times, seemingly turning it into a game. The sight brings immense joy to Maya, who expresses her love for her son with more kisses. This brief video captures not only Luka’s first words but also the boundless love that has fueled Maya since his birth.

Are Maya Nazor and Santa Fe Klan on the path to reconciliation?

Rapper Santa Fe Klan, the father of little Luka, was in a relationship with Maya Nazor until early 2023, when they announced their separation. The pair had a significant fan following who adored them as a couple. Even now, fans harbor hopes of a possible reconciliation, speculation that has only been fueled further by recent photos posted by the rapper.

These pictures, posted on the rapper’s social media, depict Santa Fe Klan, Maya, and their son Luka at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This shared moment sparked a wave of nostalgia among their followers, who were quick to express their longing for the couple to rekindle their relationship.

However, amidst the flood of comments and speculation on the rapper’s social media, Maya Nazor felt compelled to address the situation. She issued a statement to her followers clarifying that she and her ex-partner maintain amicable communication for the sake of their son Luka’s happiness and well-being.