Mayeli Alonso competes with Chiquis Rivera, opens her jacket and shows her bra

Lupillo Rivera’s ex and Chiquis Rivera’s political aunt, Mayeli AlonsoShe has always been an exaggeratedly beautiful woman and a worthy representative of the curvy woman. Despite not always showing off his attributes on social networks, from time to time an image is published that leaves a few drooling. Turns out that Everything indicates that Mayeli Alonso could compete with Chiquis Rivera, as she published a photo opening her jacket with the name of Mexico, showing her bra and especially her spectacular figure.

Remember that Mayeli Alonso, After divorcing, she made a radical change by looking much slimmer and more beautiful. But, now that you’ve been a little low-key, Everything indicates that Mayeli Alonso has returned to the ring and for this I opened her jacket and showed off part of her sexy curves. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful Hispanic women in the entertainment world.

For many of his followers it was a joy to see Mayeli alonso showing its beauty. Let us remember that the businesswoman and former participant of “Ricas Famosas Latinas” was in mourning, because her father Mario Alonso Ibarra died after several health complications in recent years.

In addition, the latest controversies in which she was involved for having ensured that her ex Lupillo Rivera he does not support her children and he does not help her. He even said: “Since Lupillo gave him $ 500 for the quinceañera trip, he never gave her anything because the girl herself does not ask.” Lupillo Rivera He did not give many opinions on the matter, as he has done in recent months that, in the face of the controversy between his brothers and his nephews, the children of Jenni Rivera, has remained on the sidelines, while saying that he respects everyone’s life.

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