Mayeli Alonso, former of Lupillo Rivera, is mourning the death of her father

Mayeli Alonso goes through difficult times, and it is that last Friday afternoon, September 3, he shared with his followers of social networks that is in mourning for the death of his dad, the lord Mario Alonso Ibarra.

It was with a message published in the stories of his official Instagram profile, as the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera broke the news with a shocking message.

Today God took my father, my soul is very sad … I’m going to miss you a lot my old man“He wrote next to a photograph in which he appears with his father.

Without revealing more details of the painful moment he is going through, he accompanied the image with the theme “Lend me to my father”, which is interpreted by Edwin Luna.

Although so far the participant of the reality show ‘Rica Famosa Latina’ has not revealed the causes of the unfortunate death, in a new message she thanked the expressions of affection she has received in the last hours.

“Thank you to all the people for your messages of love. I love you so much”.

The health problems of Mr. Mario Alonso Ibarra had been a constant in recent years, as it was in December 2018 when the businesswoman requested through her social networks blood for her father, who entered a hospital in Chihuahua due to complications in his Health.

While, in 2020, just as Mayeli was celebrating her 36th birthday, she revealed that she had to make an emergency trip back to her home state to be with her father, who had a relapse.

“Thank you very much to all the people who have been sending me messages about my dad. Effectively, on my birthday I had to travel to the city of Chihuahua on an emergency, but thank God everything is a little better ”, he is heard saying on his Instagram Stories.

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