Mayeli Alonso speaks clearly and says that she does not admire Chiquis Rivera

Mayeli Alonso could get into trouble after sharing with all her followers what she thinks of the book Chiquis Rivera wrote, making clear that she does not read this type of biographies, because she is not interested in gossip.

The Mexican businesswoman made a big scandal with her statements, and her comments quickly went viral on social networks, as she was very expressive in saying that she does not admire Jenni Rivera’s daughter, so she will not read her book “Invincible”.

There is no doubt that the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera is too sincere and does not hesitate to talk about everything with her followers, who are always on the lookout for what she publishes, as she is one of the most active on the Spanish-speaking Internet world.

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This time, through her official Instagram account, she did a live where she spoke openly about everything that circulates around the new Chiquis Rivera book.

I don’t like to read gossip, commented Mayeli Alonso

In her controversial biography, she recounts several important events in her life, putting her ex, Lorenzo Méndez, in a bad light, to whom he dedicated a few lines in her text, calling him addicted and aggressive.

On the other hand, Mayeli Alonso’s statements are crossing borders and the complete video of the issues she put on the table is circulating on YouTube, showing that she continues to be an empowered woman and that she takes responsibility for what she says and does.

Let us remember that she is always consistent and has a temperament that she is trying to impose on anyone. It is clear that the beautiful music producer does not care about anyone who defends her for what she says and thinks.

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The reactions were immediate and he quickly received the affection of his public, but negative comments were also present, since some users sent her harsh criticism, teasing and attacking for her way of expressing herself.

I’m not interested in reading biographies of people I don’t admire, said Lupillo Rivera‘s ex.