Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees who did not get vaccinated or presented religious exemption

Mayo Clinic laid off 700 employees who failed to comply with the hospital’s vaccination policy requesting that its staff receive at least the first dose of Covid-19 or submit a religious or medical exemption before the Monday, Jan.3 deadline, Insdider reported.

The hospital said that almost 99% of its workforce had providedthe requested documentation, while the remaining 1% did not do so and proceeded with its liquidation.

“Yes OK Mayo Clinic is saddened to lose valuable employees, we must take all necessary steps to keep our patients safe, workforce, visitors and communities, “said the hospital.

The clinic staff consisted of approximately 73,000 workers, so about 700 were fired under the aforementioned arguments. The institution did not explain how many exemptions were received, but noted that most of those that were requested were approved.

The possibility was also left open for people who were laid off to apply again for vacant positions. if they decide to comply with the mandate.

“Based on science and data, it is clear that vaccination keeps people out of the hospital and saves lives,” the clinic explained. “It is especially true for many patients with serious or complex diseases who seek care at Mayo Clinic every day. “

The measure was not well regarded by Republican legislators, who through a letter pointed out to the institution: “This top-down employee policy, Strong hand and all or nothing does not fit the reputation or image that we know that the Mayo Clinic has“.

“Although vaccinating 100 percent of employees may be ideal according to Mayo guidelines, we do not believe it is ethical or realistic,” the document quoted, while referring to the labor shortage in the health sector in Rochester, Minnesota, where it is based.

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