Mayor of Zacatecas asks the population not to leave home in the face of a wave of violence

In the middle of the wave of violence that is experienced in Zacatecas At the hands of organized crime, the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Francisco Javier Arcos Ruiz made a special appeal to the population, asking do not leave their houses during the night to avoid risks, because there are no local police.

Through his social networks, the mayor urged the population to remain alert and avoid circulating late at night in the face of the unstoppable violent events that have occurred in recent days in the state.

As we made known in The Truth News, in recent days the discovery of 9 bodies hanging from a vehicular bridge in the municipality of CuauhtémocAccording to the first reports, the victims ranged between 21 and 42 years of age.

Mayor asks not to leave home due to insecurity

Just a few days after the resignation of the Secretary of Security of Zacatecas, Mayor Francisco Arcos Ruiz sent a message to the population through his social networks, where he asked to avoid leaving their homes at night to Avoid risks before the resignation of local policemen.

“I want to ask the entire population that if you don’t have to go out at night, don’t go out, take shelter, be careful, take care of yourself, take care of your families. Do not leave your homes, do not expose yourself if there is no need, go out to do what is necessary: ​​to work, to errand, “he said.

He also stressed that it is not a government instruction, but a precautionary measure, since in the midst of the violent acts, the municipal policemen also presented their resignation.

“It is not an indication, it is an invitation for you to take your own safety into account. At the moment we do not have municipal police on this shift. I will have the public security phone and I will be answering your calls (…) here we are, at the foot of the canyon, firm with you, ”the mayor explained.

Violence index in Zacatecas

Zacatecas is listed as one of the states with the highest homicide rate.

Zacatecas faces a fight between the Sinaloa cartels and the Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), for which it has been classified as one of the states with the highest rate of homicides so far this year, with about 37 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Data presented by the federal government indicate that between November 12 and 18, 55 victims of intentional homicide, added to the discovery of the bodies hanging from a bridge in Cuauhtémoc, which is why the mayor asked the population not to leave their homes at night.

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