M’Balia, from OV7, shares what her wedding with her trans boyfriend Álex Tinajero will be like

Mexico. M’Balia, from OV7, shares what her wedding with her trans boyfriend Álex Tinajero will be like. In an interview with the media in Mexico, the singer confesses that she is happy next to him.

M’Balia, sister of fellow singer Kalimba, continues with her romance with Álex Tinajero and they have no problem shouting from the rooftops how much they love each other.

According to reports in several news portals, M’Balia Marichal said that he is continuing with his courtship with Álex Tinajero and they do not rule out taking the next step, which is to have a beautiful wedding.

M’Balia defines herself as a happy woman with the transsexual man and that is why they could give the surprise that they are getting married this year and despite the criticism of many people, she assures that they are still together and love each other very much, that is what counts.

M’Balia and his partner Álex Tinajero. instagram photo

“Well, I’ll give them a surprise, apart from this year I’m going to have more than one and maybe bigger than that and more than you can imagine… Yes, of course we want to get married, we have it planned,” he told the press M ‘Balia being questioned about her relationship with Álex.

M’Balia is the mother of four children and would love one more, plus Álex supports her and has already told her that “there is no bad fifth,” the famous singer also emphasizes.

M’Balia has said in several interviews that he is happy because together with Alex he found love again and thanks her for being by her side supporting her, loving her and also her children.

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M’Balia is spending two years sharing her life with Álex, who is originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, has been a fan of the group 0V7 and especially of M’Balia, for about fifteen years, and according to information in the TVNotas magazine, he used to go to all the concerts of the group and especially to see M’Balia.

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