M’Balia from OV7 What day will she marry her trans boyfriend?

M’Balia is the famous member of OV7 who has recently been causing a furor on the networks, since it is said that she is more in love than ever with her partner Alex Tinajero, who is a trans boy and despite all the controversies that have arisen around their romance, they are about to give the next step in your relationship.

The famous singer is organizing her wedding that promises to be a dream, since recently Kalimba’s sister spoke with the program Venga la Alegría where he announced his marriage bond that will carry the blessing for the Christian religion.

It is noted that the singer M’Balia did not want to delve into many details because her partner was present and wants everything to be a surprise, however, she did reveal that her dress will be white as is traditional.

OV7’s M’Balia gives details of her wedding

OV7’s M’Balia gives details of her wedding Will she invite the rest of OV7?

As if that were not enough, the singer M’Balia mentioned that it was not difficult to organize the wedding, since both share the same tastes and style, but they have been very careful when choosing, because they do not want to miss any detail.

“We are looking at the calendar and so on, but look at my little hands, there is still no child, so the day he gives it to me, I am going to be the happiest,” said the singer. Her partner Alex was also there, who was questioned by the press when he would give the ring to M’Balia, to which she quickly replied:

“It’s a surprise, but soon.”

The beauty’s boyfriend assured that giving her the ring is within his plans, as he revealed that he already lives with the singer’s family and they all live together and he only needs to formalize.

The couple assured that they are the funniest family, because let’s remember that M’Balia has four children: “Incredible, we are the funniest crazy family on this planet, each one has some occurrences.”

Will he invite the others from OV7?

Will he invite the others from OV7?

She was also asked if her groupmates would be invited to share this important day in her life, but the singer M’Balia limited herself to saying that people who are happy and enjoy seeing how their love has grown and that they have been part of your process.

It should be noted that M’Balia said she is sure of the love she has for her partner, so she doesn’t care what the people in her relationship do, because she knows she has found her soulmate and is not willing to let her go.

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