Amid Real Madrid transfer efforts, Mbappé visits Cameroon on military trucks and private guards

Mbappé's ancestral ties in Cameroon as he navigates complex relations with PSG and contemplates his football future.

Kylian Mbappé ‘s visit to Cameroon is giving much to talk about, not only for his recent statements, in which he spoke about his future amid a moment of great tension between him and PSG executives but also for what his presence in the African country generates.

The social networks echoed the passage of the footballer in the land of his father’s origin. On Thursday, without warning, the Parisian striker landed and caused hundreds of people to take to the streets to welcome him.

By the weekend, a video of him being transported from one place to another through the streets of Cameroon began to circulate. An extensive security deployment could be seen around the vehicle taking him to his father’s hometown in the images in question. From armed police officers on foot to a military truck in the back were part of the operation.

It should be recalled that Mbappé’s father left Cameroon at a young age and went to France, where he became a soccer coach.

Mbappé estuvo en el pueblo natal de su padre (Reuters)
Mbappé was in his father’s hometown (Reuters).

Among other activities up to today, the player visited a school in the suburbs of Yaoundé that was refurbished and rehabilitated with financial funds from the Frenchman’s charitable foundation.

The footballer himself confirmed his arrival in Cameroon with a photograph on his Instagram social network account, in which he appears greeting dozens of people last Friday. This Sunday, he said goodbye with a message through his stories: “End of this wonderful stay. Thank you to all Cameroonians for your wonderful welcome. I enjoy every moment. Hope to see you soon.”

As for his soccer present, the 24-year-old is in the middle of a media scandal after announcing through a letter that he will not renew his link with PSG, which ends next June 2024. A statement that aroused discomfort in the entity, who answered him in the same way recently.

Paris Saint-Germain sent a series of strong reproaches to its star player, Kylian Mbappé, in a message in which he pointed out that the deadline to solve the current conflict between the two parties will be next July 31.

Three pages and a rather harsh tone. PSG criticized the player for the “enormous damage” and the “damage caused” to the club for publicly announcing his desire not to renew his contract and leave the club in a year, L’Equipe reported.

The management also questioned its star player for his “lack of sincerity” over criticism of the club’s signings a year ago when the club tried to strengthen the squad to please its most prized player to convince him to continue in a competitive team at the European level.

“There were circumstances completely out of our control” even though “we have tried to respond to his demands,” the management stressed.


Esta fue la primera vez que Mbappé visitó Camerún (Reuters)
This was Mbappé’s first visit to Cameroon (Reuters)
Mbappé jugó al basquet (Reuters)
Mbappé played basketball (Reuters)
La policía realizó un operativo para contener a los fanáticos (Reuters)
Police carried out an operation to contain the fans (Reuters)
Mbappé pasó tiempo con los niños cameruneses (Reuters)
Mbappé spent time with Cameroonian children (Reuters)
Decenas de personas fueron a recibirlo a las calles (Reuters)
Dozens of people took to the streets to greet him (Reuters)
Viajó a Younde y fue a una escuela que fue rehabilitada gracias a su fundación (Reuters)
He traveled to Yaounde and went to a school that was rehabilitated thanks to his foundation (Reuters)
Mbappé dio un discurso en Camerún (Reuters)
Mbappé gave a speech in Cameroon (Reuters)