McDonald’s Delivery: he asked for a sachet of sauce for the potatoes and they sent it in exaggerated packaging

McDonald’s Delivery: he asked for a sachet of sauce for the potatoes and they sent it in exaggerated packaging

Learn more about one of the most viral TikTok stories of the week, led by an exaggerated McDonald’s packaging and a home order error, which can happen to all of us.

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It is undeniable to say that McDonald’s It is simply one of the most popular and favorite fast food chains of all time. Although its history and evolution are legendary, throughout its history curious stories about its operation have come to light. The truth is that currently with the rise of social networks, it is very easy to find out about all kinds of quite peculiar experiences that diners have gone through all over the world. Such is the case of a recent story in which for a sachet of sauce, One woman revealed an incredibly exaggerated amount of McDonald’s packaging.

The story begins with an error in her UberEats order, Monikaw set out to order her favorite McDonald’s craving but ended up forgetting to add the main element of her order: a hamburger. Instead, he tragically ended up buying just a 25ml packet of sauce from the famous fast food restaurant.

Of course this impressive lack of logic made Monikaw shared a clip on TikTok in which she shows herself opening her delivery. The worst? The tiny sachet of sauce had been wrapped in one of the big brown bags, which the establishment usually has reserved for large orders. In the video you can see the woman who filmed herself unpacking the sauce quite well protected, which was placed in no less than five paper bags, each one smaller than the last.

When he finally manages to pull out the sauce bag, which is even full of napkins, awkward laughter can be heard in the background of the video, which was uploaded last Friday. “I’m really sorry I thought I had ordered a hamburger too,” Monikaw captioned in the video, which It has been viewed over 12 million times. In addition, the screen captions included more information, which Monikaw wrote: “

– “By accident, I ordered a solitaire sauce at UberEats and McDonald’s decided to do this.”

– “All I wanted was a hamburger and some sauce for the fries,” he said in the comments. “

The truth is that the viral video has sparked an online debate, with some people who have gone over McDonald’s accusing them of wasting material, and being completely un-ecological and unconscious. Even others who have sympathized with the staff packing such a small order.

Undoubtedly a peculiar story that leaves a little doubt the criteria of McDonald’s staff and makes the popular phrase very clear to us “The customer what he wants.”

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I am truly sorry I thought I also ordered a burger #mcdonalds #ubereats

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