McDonald’s employee saved woman who was choking on a piece of chicken

A McDonald’s employee saved a woman who was drowning with a piece of chicken, because Sidney Radley, a teenager of only 15 years of age, who works in the self-service of the fast food franchise, became a hero by saving that woman’s life .

The events occurred south of Minneapolis, in the self-service area of ​​the famous restaurant. The teenager recounted in an interview how she experienced the rescue of the woman who was drowning with a piece of chicken; The young woman confessed that she had only been working for the franchise for 7 months.

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McDonald’s employee saved a woman’s life

An employee became a heroine The young woman received two thousand pesos for her attitude of customer service

The 15-year-old commented that the work day was normal, making coffee and preparing drinks, because when entering the lunch rush everything was normal, but among the customers she received at the self-service booth, she noticed that a woman was choked on a piece of chicken.

The employee of the McDonald’s franchise commented that the woman was coughing and noticed that she had nausea, the client was accompanied by her daughter, who looked scared by what was happening to her mother, so she applied her knowledge to first aid, she also yelled at callers 911 emergency service.

The teenager received 2,000 pesos to save the woman

The young woman received two thousand pesos for her customer service attitude

The teenager became a heroine, so the restaurant manager decided to give her a voucher for her excellent customer service attitude, she received a reward of 2,000 pesos, as they were very grateful to have the help of the young woman who saved a woman’s life.

They also mention that the McDonald’s employee is a highly valued staff member at the restaurant. The young woman received good feedback from the community as she jumped out of the drive-thru window to help the customer.

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