McDonald’s Requests That Its Administrative Employees Get Vaccinated; but postpones the return to the offices

McDonald’s Requests That Its Administrative Employees Get Vaccinated;  but postpones the return to the offices

The firm had planned to return to the offices in September, Delta changed the plans.

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For a few weeks, large American companies have been taking more severe measures in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus among their employees and their families. For this reason, they are requesting that employees should be Compulsory vaccinations if they wish to return to corporate work.

Faced with this widespread trend by major companies, McDonald’s publicly announced that it will also require its U.S.-based corporate workers to be immunized against the coronavirus and delay the return of employees to their offices until at least October.

The move that the famous fast food chain is making has to do with the fact that it joined the New York Stock Exchange and NBCUniversal to adopt a vaccination policy as a result of the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the United States due to the Delta variant.

According to Reuters, McDonald’s reported in an internal statement that it is pushing for the reopening of its corporate offices until October 11. starting September 7 to give employees time to get vaccinated.

The company said the vaccination requirement does not apply to employees of McDonald’s restaurants, whether corporate-owned or franchised, but all administrative collaborators must comply with the mandate to be immunized, for that reason. the announcement is given with enough time to meet the goal.

According to Reuters, the New York Stock Exchange said it will require that anyone accessing its trading floor at 11 Wall Street be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus as of September 13.

On August 5, Amazon announced that it will delay the return to its corporate facilities of its employees until January 2022. As in the case of the famous fast food chain, the reason for this decision had to do with the strong presence of the Delta variant.

According to official information from the US health authorities, the Delta variant has triggered the number of coronavirus cases in a month. In recent weeks, infections increased from 15,000 a day in early July to 80,000 new infections a day in August.

Faced with the expansion of Delta, the main companies and employers in the United States are looking for alternatives that allow them to travel during this pandemic that has changed the work routine over 18 months, which is why companies seek that there is no longer an affectation to your operations.

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