McDonald’s: the 10 discontinued items we miss

McDonald’s: the 10 discontinued items we miss

The coronavirus pandemic has been another factor that has recently had to do with the dismissal of some classic items on the McDonald’s menu.

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It is undeniable to say that McDonald’s is the fast food giant, for years it has accompanied us along the way and conquered the hearts of new generations. It is the most popular and sold hamburger chain in the United States, which is undoubtedly a great responsibility to maintain. In such a way that as part of its strategy one of its most important pillars is the launch of new products, which always seek to adapt to the preferences of the current moment. So for obvious reasons over the years, many classics and favorites have had to be moved from the menu.

We took on the task of compiling the list of 15 Most Iconic Items of All Time on the McDonald’s Menu, that due to various circumstances they left and there are many of us who miss them. Undoubtedly many are classics that it will not be easy to forget.

1. Arch Deluxe Burger

Currently, the most famous hamburger on the McDonald’s menu, of course it is undoubtedly the Big Mac. However back in the 90’s if you wanted to order the most premium burgerWithout a doubt the most luxurious option was an Arch Deluxe. The detail that caused its removal from the menu was that it was very difficult to differentiate from its cheaper counterpart.

2. Fried apple pie

McDonald’s desserts are always a great success, without a doubt all the devotees of this chain are used to saving a little space to enjoy a dessert and the apple pie is one of the most iconic of all times. Of course, to date the apple pie is still an active part of the McDonald’s menu, however you should know that the recipe changed in 2018 and it has never been the same.

3. Beef tallow fries

Yes, you read that right. Several years ago on the McDonald’s menu it was possible to order your fries with beef tallow, which without a doubt was an element that gave a peculiarly delicious touch to the potatoes. Currently the company has opted to make its iconic fries a vegetarian-friendly menu item and fried in vegetable oil.

4. Szechuan sauce

There are many rather peculiar facts about the history of McDonald’s, and it must also be recognized that over the years they have made mistakes. He hasSome years ago they launched an incredible Szechuan sauce, one of the most original and one of the perfect complements to accompany numerous dishes on the menu in a very original way. However they failed to launch with a racially insensitive ad campaign.

5. Salads

Without a doubt, salads are one of the elements that we miss the most and it is that for the days when we are taking care of the line they represented a good alternative. But nevertheless, thanks to the pandemic McDonald’s has simplified its menu And they definitely had to ditch their salad options to do so. While no one goes to McDonald’s to order a salad, having the option of a healthier side dish is always welcome.

6. Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Many people who have decided to limit their consumption of red meat, either by choice or for health reasons, love having the option of chicken sandwiches and also people who are on a diet. Yes OK grilled chicken option sounds wonderful and lighter, was short-lived, as the artisan rotisserie chicken sandwich is another pandemic victim on the McDonald’s menu. For chicken lovers, McChicken is still available.

7. Chicken Tenders

Undoubtedly all over the world there are people who simply they love chicken tenders and in fact they prefer them to a hamburger. While the McNuggets will continue until the end of days and are one of the star elements, many people consider them a children’s item. In such a way that at some point chicken tenders were launched with the aim of offering an alternative “More adult”. Larger chicken portions were a hit, sadly short-lived.

8. All Day Breakfast

One of the most incredible actions that McDonald’s has done, without a doubt has been offer your breakfast menu throughout the day, without a doubt it is a great sales and marketing strategy. However, this plan was also a victim of the pandemic and was completely withdrawn. Nowadays if you want to have some McDonald’s for breakfast, you will have to do it the old fashioned way: before 10.30 am.

9. Fruit and yogurt parfait

Another great light option that was honestly delicious is the Fruit and yogurt parafit, covered with strawberries, blueberries and vanilla yogurt. Although it was not the most dietary, especially because of its sugar content, it was a good option for many. Currently the only two items in the side dish are French fries and apple slices. Another of the disappeared from the pandemic.

10. Onion nuggets

Maybe you are not very clear: at some point there were onion nuggets, which emerged as an alternative to the onion rings sold by many of its competitors. However, despite being a favorite item for many and the ideal complement for snacking and dipping in all kinds of sauces, a few years ago they were removed from the menu without much explanation.

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