McDonald’s Worker Thought She Won $20 Scratch-Off Lottery, But She Really Won $1 Million

The million dollar winner decided to receive all the money in one payment.

Photo: Hyejin Kang/Shutterstock

Kenya Sloan, a McDonald’s branch manager, got the surprise of her life when she won a $1 million scratch-off prize. Initially, the woman had thought that she had taken out $20 dollars.

“I saw the little bag of money and I thought maybe I had won $20. She was in a daze,” Sloan, 40, told officials with the North Carolina Education Lottery. Regarding the money bag, she was referring to the image that appears on the scratch-off card when you win a prize.

Taking a closer look at her ticket, the woman discovered that she won $1 million.

Sloan purchased the winning ticket at the Curve View Express store on West Warren Street in the city of Shelby, lottery officials said, as reported in The Charlotte Observer.

When Sloan went to lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Thursday, she had a choice to make: receive a $50,000 annuity over 20 years or a $600,000 lump sum.

She chose to take the lump sum and took home $426,063 after taxes.. Now Sloan can make his dream of buying a house come true.

“I’ve been wanting to buy a house for about 15 years,” said the McDonald’s worker. The $10 Carolina Jackpot game started selling in June with five $1 million prizes, and three $1 million prizes remain to be won.

A man in Sampson County won the first $1 million jackpot, and Sloan took second.

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