VIDEO: Australia’s encounter with a green meteorite fallen in Cairns prompts spiritual and scientific interpretations

Celestial spectacle meets earthly interpretations in Australia, exploring scientific causes and spiritual significance.

Several security cameras detected the moment when a green meteorite crosses the sky over Australia, but does it have any meaning? Australia has witnessed the fall of a green meteorite that illuminated the skies in the Cairns area, which has intrigued everyone.

As seen in the videos that have already gone viral on social networks, a green meteorite is seen falling into the area of Cairns and illuminating everything, resembling a ball of fire.

The fall of the green meteorite occurred last Saturday, May 20; however, the news has just become relevant in the international media.

Does the green meteorite have a spiritual meaning?

Likewise, many have given a more spiritual meaning to seeing a meteorite fall, as some relate it to the beginning of a new life stage.

The Greeks believed that meteorites falling to Earth were gifts from the gods containing wisdom for mankind.

In countries like Japan, seeing a meteorite fall has been associated with the good luck symbol Tombi-no-Kagami, resulting from good fortune and positive energy.

In addition, the green color of the meteorite that fell in this case in Australia, although it has that wake for its different compositions having this mostly magnesium, is also related to spiritual meanings.

The color green is associated with tranquility, calm, nature, posterity, health, fertility, abundance, and the good luck of seeing a meteorite fall.

What is a green meteorite?

A green meteorite fell into the Earth’s atmosphere in Cairns, Australia, where the trail illuminated the night sky.

However, as the videos that have already gone viral on social networks show, the color of this meteorite that fell in Australia was green.

As already explained, the color in the wake of meteorites has to do with the chemical composition of the fragments that change color when they enter into combustion.

In this case, seeing a green trail in the meteorite means the excess of magnesium that the celestial body contained.

According to European Space Agency (ESA) spokesman Emmet Fletcher, the green meteorite trail is caused by magnesium.

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“There are two light-generating sources: one is the meteorite itself, whose ions come into contact with the atmosphere. The other is the magnesium, which interacts with the oxygen and turns it into a plasma, like a fluorescent tube.”

Emmet Fletcher

In that sense, according to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he also explained that the color of the green meteorite was due to the overheating of the iron and nickel fragments when the rock broke when it hit the ground.

Meteorito en Turquía
Meteorite in Turkey (Taken from video)

What is the green meteorite called? Earth sees it for the first time in 50,000 years.

After Australia recorded the fall of a green meteorite on video, many users thought it was the green meteorite called C 22 E3 (ZTF).

This green meteorite passed by the Earth for the first time in 50 thousand years, but it is not the same one that fell in Australia.

The green meteorite eta C 22 E3 (ZTF), also known as the green comet, passed by the Earth for the first time between January 12 and February 2.

This comet or green meteorite was discovered in 2022, thinking it was an asteroid; later, they realized its condition as a meteorite with a trail in emerald tones.

That is why the green meteorite that fell yesterday in the territory of Australia confused users, thinking that it was the same one that visited the Earth for the first time in 50 thousand years in the past months.

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Green meteorite in Australia (Screenshot)

Google scares you if you’re not prepared with its meteor doodle

The fall of the green meteorite in Australia has provoked curiosity among Internet users, who are already looking for information about what happened.

However, some have been surprised by the new Google Doodle that appears when searching for the term “meteorite” in its search engine.

If you are unprepared, the Google Doodle scares you by dropping a meteorite in the middle of the screen and making it wobble.

This result, which many users have just discovered thanks to their curiosity about the green meteorite that fell in Australia, has taken them by surprise.

But also, this Google Doodle about the meteorite has amused those who have ventured to search the word on Google to continue to be informed about what happened in Australia.

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Google’s Doodle about meteorites surprises users (Google)