Meaning of the rosca de reyes: What does each element symbolize?

Discover the real meaning of the Rosca de Reyes, which has European origins but has become one of the most important in Mexico. Its shape and elements represent something special.

The traditions in Mexico During the December season, they are among the most significant of the year, as thousands of families gather to share food, exchange gifts and continue promoting traditions that come from the past.

If you want to know the origin of the rosca de reyes, then AmericanPost.News shares with you the true meaning of this tradition celebrated on January 6 of every year.

What is the origin of the rosca de reyes

Origin of the rosca de reyes

The tradition consisting of a oval shaped bread It had its beginnings in European countries such as France and Spain during the time of the conquest, then reaching Mexico.

This traditional bread and heartbreak has its religious origins, specifically within Catholicism, which also according to a study by the Jaume University in Spain, said national celebration of the Roman Empire to celebrate Saturnalia in honor of the goddess Saturn and in turn coincided with the birth dates of the child Jesus and apart for this type of celebration was made a round cake in fact with dates and son and within these there was a prize.

Meaning of the rosca de reyes

Currently the meaning of said food, as regards its oval shape has a symbolism regarding the love of God, which has no beginning and no end this according to the meaning for Christians.

In the case of the fruits symbolize the grace brought by Jesus Christ, although other believers point out that they refer to the jewels of the kings that signify love, peace and happiness.

The child God placed inside the thread symbolizes when Joseph and Mary hid Jesus from Herod; It should be noted that this figure was previously made of porcelain and is the meaning of the most important thread of kings during this day.

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