Video: Tragedy in Colombia: a small Piper twin-engine aircraft crashes in a residential area of ​​Medellín

According to Medellín's mayor, Daniel Quintero, there was an accident involving a small plane in the Belén Rosales sector.

A light aircraft crashed in a residential area of Medellin on Monday morning, according to the mayor’s office of Colombia’s second most populated city, which so far has not given a death toll.

“There has been an accident with a small plane in the sector of Belén Rosales. All the capacities of the administration have been activated to help the victims,” said the mayor, Daniel Quintero, in a tweet accompanied by a video in which a column of black smoke can be seen coming out of a residential area.

“It is a Piper twin-engine aircraft covering the route Medellín to the municipality of Pizarro, department of Chocó (west). Taking off, it reported engine failure (and) did not make it back to Olaya Herrera airport,” Quintero detailed in another tweet, without specifying how many people were traveling in it.

The area where the plane crashed is adjacent to the Olaya Herrera airport, the second largest in the city, mainly used to cover local routes.

The department of Chocó, where the aircraft was headed, is a jungle area on the Pacific coast that is difficult to access by road.

The Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management (DAGRD) posted on Twitter two other videos in which several firefighters work among the rubble of a partially collapsed building.

Medellin is the second most visited city by tourists in Colombia, behind Bogota and ahead of Caribbean Cartagena.