Meet Alexia Cruz, the former best friend of influencer Yeri Mua

Drama unfolds as the once inseparable duo navigate their individual journeys amidst a very public digital disagreement.

The friendship between Yeri Mua and Alexia Cruz has gone through ups and downs recently, and now it has reached a breaking point. For a long time, these influencers had been inseparable, supporting each other in their social media careers. Recently, however, they were involved in a feud that changed everything.

Alexia Cruz, 20, is recognized as Veracruz’s influencer and makeup blogger. She became known thanks to a close relationship with Yeri Mua, who in 2022 became the queen of the Veracruz Carnival. According to Alexia Cruz, she was always there to comfort Yeri Mua, and the same influencer inspired Alexia to start her career as a makeup blogger.

Although on several occasions, the young woman has admitted that she did not always carry out Yeri’s advice. She suffers from anxiety, often preventing her from being consistent with her work. However, everything in their relationship seemed to be going well until a couple of months ago, when problems began to arise between them.

Despite their solid friendship and seemingly being inseparable, the influencers’ friendship relationship was affected in March 2023. This happened when Yeri Mua announced that she had decided to cut Alexia Cruz out of her life due to her difficulties. However, days later, the two young women reconciled and resumed their friendship, proving that they had overcome their differences.

Hoping to receive support from Yeri Mua due to her pregnancy and breakup with Naim Darrechi, Alexia Cruz was surprised again when Yeri Mua announced they would no longer be friends. This time, Yeri argued that she had tried to help Alexia with her problems but had not received the necessary acceptance. In a live broadcast, Alexia Cruz broke down in tears as she expressed her confusion over the attitude of the one she considered her friend at the time.

For her part, Alexia stated that she would not allow Yeri to mistreat her and that she would not tolerate aspects of her private life being disclosed without doing anything about it. Both influencers have expressed themselves publicly on social networks, exposing personal details and defending their positions.

The situation has become tense, and both have announced the end of their friendship. For her part, Alexia Cruz has made it clear that she will strive to make a name for herself on social networks, while Yeri has mentioned that she was only trying to help her friend. The future of their friendly relationship is uncertain, and only time will tell if they can reconcile again or if they will go their separate ways in social media.