Meet Aly Noris, the Woman Accusing Luis Fernando Peña’s Relatives of Sexual Abuse

Mexico City's Aly Noris balances art, education, and distressing accusations against relatives.

Aly Noris, a 35-year-old resident of Mexico City, has recently come into the limelight due to her grave allegations against relatives of her ex-partner and, indirectly, against Luis Fernando Peña. But beyond these disturbing accusations, there’s much more to Aly Noris’s life and persona.

Hailing from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Aly Noris’s journey to Mexico City speaks volumes about her determination and resilience. She shares her life in the bustling city with her husband, Luis Fernando Peña, who is 41.

A Rich Academic Background

Noris is not just another face in the crowd. She boasts an impressive academic background, earning her degree in graphic design from the renowned Technological University of Mexico. Following this, she pursued a master’s degree in education. Interestingly, her decision to delve into the world of education might have been influenced by her lineage, as both her parents served as teachers.

Aly Noris, wife of Luis Fernando Peña (Special / Instagram).
Aly Noris, wife of Luis Fernando Peña (Special / Instagram).

An Ardent Lover of Art

Aly’s fervor for art is evident in her professional choices. She currently helms “Arti Aity Studio,” an institution steadfastly dedicated to the promotion and education of art. And Aly’s talents don’t just stop at administration.

She has dabbled in playwriting, launching her project “Hablar o morir” in August. This play, deeply personal and poignant, draws from her experiences with vicarious violence at the hands of her ex-partner and also touches upon the alleged sexual abuse of her firstborn son.

The Personal Side of Aly Noris

Behind the accusations and her professional accolades lies a touching personal tale. Aly and Luis Fernando Peña’s relationship began serendipitously around 8 years ago in a restaurant. Aly, already an admirer of Peña, approached the actor for a simple photograph. This casual encounter laid the foundation for a deeper bond.

Aly Noris, Luis Fernando Peña's wife (Special / Instagram @la_maestranoris)
Aly Noris, Luis Fernando Peña’s wife (Special / Instagram @la_maestranoris)

They soon connected on social platforms, which blossomed into profound conversations and an enduring friendship. Their love story has since been enriched with the birth of their first daughter, and they solidified their bond with marriage in 2022.

In conclusion, while the recent allegations have thrust Aly Noris into the spotlight, her multifaceted life, marked by academic achievements, a passion for art, and a touching love story, paints a more comprehensive picture of who she really is.

How did Aly Noris and Luis Fernando Peña meet (Special / Instagram @la_maestranoris)
How did Aly Noris and Luis Fernando Peña meet (Special / Instagram @la_maestranoris)