Meet Barbara Torres’s children, Ignacio ‘Nacho’ and Manolo: young Formula 1 enthusiasts and future engineers

Discover the scientific passions of Barbara Torres's sons and the emotional defense that captivated a reality show audience.

Despite ongoing speculation, Bárbara Torres clarified that Maradonio, a character in Eugenio Derbez’s series, is not her son. This revelation occurred during the sixth Elimination Gala in La Casa de los Famosos, Mexico, where her eldest son showed up as a guest panelist, prepared to support his mother in case she was voted out. The conclusion of the event sparked a flurry of chatter after a poignant defense of his mother spread across the internet.

Despite misconceptions that the Argentinean-born actress was childless or that she shared a familial bond with her on-screen character Maradonio, she is indeed a mother to two boys. Torres, popular for her comedic talents, prefers to keep her family life private, but tidbits of her personal journey have surfaced via her social media, where she often shares their achievements and interests.

Born on January 12, 2005, Torres’ eldest son, Ignacio Torres, is widely known by his nickname, Nachito. He received this moniker during the Pre Gala hosted by Cecilia Galiano and Mauricio Garza, and it was also used at the grand ceremony hosted by Galilea Montijo and Diego de Erice. Nachito, 18 years old, is the elder of her two children. His younger brother, Manolo, who was born in 2007, is currently 12 and tends to stay out of the limelight, keeping away from Televisa cameras.

Bárbara Torres’s sons are science and engineering fanatics.

Nacho (izquierda) es el hijo mayor de la famosa 
(Foto: Instagram/@barbaratorresmx)
Nacho (left) is the celebrity’s oldest son (Photo: Instagram/@barbaratorresmx).

Both of Bárbara Torres’ boys, Nacho and Manolo, exhibit a keen interest in science and engineering. Pictured with their famous mom on Instagram, they appear absorbed in these disciplines.

The Torres boys are also avid fans of Formula 1, one of the most-followed sports in recent years. Nacho Torres, in particular, has leveraged this passion, dabbling in team design and earning prestigious accolades in the process. This fact was disclosed by Andreas Legarreta on the morning show Hoy.

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Moreover, the boys’ fascination with high-speed vehicles aligns with their scientific pursuits, revealing their interest in studying related fields and staying updated on F1 happenings. These were some of the topics that Bárbara Torres touched upon during her visit to La Casa de los Famosos México.

Manolo tiene actualmente 12 años de edad 
(Foto: Instagram/@barbaratorresmx)
Manolo is currently 12 years old (Photo: Instagram/@barbaratorresmx).

“Just as you have a mother, I ask you to respect mine”: the viral speech of Bárbara Torres’ son.

Nevertheless, amidst the glitz and glamour, the Torres family is not immune to criticism. In the wake of derogatory remarks on social media, one of Bárbara Torres’ sons, Nachito, delivered a powerful speech in his mother’s defense in response to allegations of her being “overbearing and explosive”.

Nachito’s emotional plea, delivered after his mother’s arrival at the forum, stirred those present. Although many expected her to address comments made by ex-partners and show participants, Nachito’s heartfelt intervention caused many to rethink the impact of reality show dynamics on individuals.

With tears streaming down his face, Nachito proclaimed, “I want to say something: a lot was said about this woman on social networks. I had never heard such ugly things, just as you have a mother, I ask you to respect mine.” This statement left the room silent, even prompting host Galilea Montijo to look towards the production team for guidance on how to proceed.