Meet Chucky Lozano’s twin who went viral on TikTok

Have you ever heard that we all have a lost twin in the world? This legend now applies to the Chucky lozano, who seems to have found his in TikTok.

A young man turned viral in a matter of minutes due to his great resemblance to the Mexican player, and even he himself made a joke of the fact.

Hirving Lozano, who has had a great participation with Napoli, has not reacted to his lost brother, but we are sure that the internet will do its thing.

Chucky Lozano’s twin on TikTok

Through TikTok we were able to meet the lost brother of Hirving lozano, and the resemblance between the two is impressive.

“They say I look alike,” wrote the young man, who appears with the user Iker belsaguy, being recognized for his great resemblance to the footballer.

Iker Belsaguy He is known on the social network for uploading content on daily topics, counting so far with just over 500 thousand followers.

Reactions on social networks

Reactions on social networks

As expected, the reactions were swift, the users of the TikTok They were surprised and some were confused about his great resemblance to the footballer.

“Are you telling me that there is a chuckyverse? Can you go out on the street like Chucky to see how many ask you for a photo ”and other comments.

The Chucky lozano Surely he will be just as surprised as we are, because his twin is now stealing the spotlight on social networks.

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