Meet Daisy Anahy, the charismatic wife of singer Eduin Caz

Daisy Anahy and singer Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme became boyfriend and girlfriend when they were teenagers and studying in school. What made him fall in love with the Mexican influencer?

Daisy Anahy, the wife of singer Eduin Caz, captivates with her charisma. The 28-year-old influencer, born in Sinaloa, met her great love when he was a teenager, and both studied at the same school.

After several years of dating, the couple married in 2015. In an interview with Despierta América (Univision), Daisy Anahí, who has two children with the singer, talked about the high price of fame. “It’s not easy. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel,” she confessed to Jomari Goyso in front of the show’s cameras. “It’s complicated that many people have an opinion about your life, but it’s also nice to see how they support you, congratulate you, and grow with you.

On her Instagram account, Daisy Anahy motivates her followers to better themselves, sharing her exercise routines, family photos, and messages full of wisdom and positivity.

Below, learn more about the woman who stole the heart of Grupo Firme’s lead singer.

She expresses her love for her family.

The young mom delights her fans with family photos on Instagram, showing her devotion to her children. Eduin Gerardo, her firstborn, was born in July 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter, Dhasia Geraldine, in August 2020. Daisy also shares adorable photos of their pet.

In June 2022, she wished her husband a happy Father’s Day, sharing on Instagram the following message, “Your children and I love you with all our hearts.” The singer replied:
“Thank you for giving me the blessing of being the happiest dad in the world.”

To celebrate the singer’s 29th birthday on July 30, 2022, Daisy shared a photo with her beloved with the dedication: “Today is your life celebration, and I thank God for you, for having you in health and full of success. May the blessings keep coming to you, and you fulfill all your heart’s desires. Celebrate your twenties like never before. I love you. Long live the king.

Then, in November 2022, the couple announced their third child, which produced controversies because everyone knew the Sinaloan had performed a vasectomy.

She shares personal experiences with his followers.

Daisy Anahy has over three million followers on Instagram and shares personal experiences with her fans. The influencer grabbed eyeballs on her social media when she showed the result of her rhinoplasty in July 2022. Daisy had a nose job and shared photos of the process, from showing her bandaged nose to revealing her new look. “She unbearable with new nose in the process,” she joked.

She also posts photos of her adventures with her partner, like when they went to the Coachella festival in April 2022 or visited the Nickelodeon hotel in Cancun with their kids in May.

On her TikTok account, she shares funny videos, such as one going out shopping in luxurious stores with multiple bags in hand with the message: “All husbands will understand. My revenge,” referring to everything he spent with rapper Rene Perez’s song in the background…. “Esto lo hago pa’ divertirme” (“I do this for fun”).

She has faced challenges with her partner.

Daisy was with Eduin Caz before he became famous. The interpreter of “Ya supérame” said in the program “El Minuto Que Cambió Mi Destino” (Imagen TV) that he sold clothes in the bazaar with his wife to support the family before achieving success with Grupo Firme.

In June 2022, when rumors of an alleged infidelity between the singer and a marital crisis arose, Eduin Caz flatly denied them on his social networks. The singer posted on his Instagram Stories: “I think that before inventing pure pend%$# they should investigate things well. Neither they left me, nor I left her, and I don’t have a mistress“. Not long before, in December 2021, he admitted he had been unfaithful to his wife, and the internet went on fire.

Daisy also showed her support when Grupo Firme and her husband were booed in front of thousands during the break of the NFL game hosted in Mexico. She immediately responded to detractors and offered her unconditional support.

The couple has shared photos together, showing they are still happy. In July 2022, Daisy shared a photo with Eduin Caz at the presidential house in Washington, D.C., with the message, “Mexican pride at The White House. Thank you, my love, for allowing me to live this unique experience“.

Daisy Anahy’s unknown level of education

Despite what many believe, both Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy are educated. Both always needed to prepare themselves no matter how far Grupo Firme went. The vocalist managed to get a degree in marketing some time ago and even announced it on his social networks. His wife was always behind him, pushing him to complete them while he went from recital to recital.

Daisy Anahy also got a degree and did it much earlier than Eduin Caz. It was in 2018 that she achieved the satisfaction of having made it to the finish line. However, although she could well use her profession in her husband’s group, it is unknown if she has managed to practice the degree she chose and which, by the way, is not at all simple.

What is Daisy Anahy’s level of studies?

In social networks, Daisy Anahy assured me almost four years ago that she had graduated from the University of Tijuana. The content creator obtained her law degree after a long time of sacrifices. From the door of the house of studies, she shared that day photo with a cap and gown, happy with her achievement.

“I am always asked how I feel because my husband is surrounded by many people, traveling, working, and working. Am I jealous? Do I miss him? And the answer to all this is that I feel happy, complete. It is a dream that he is living, and if he is happy, I am too. We always dreamed of this,” said Eduin Caz’s wife.

When we were 16, and we listened to music, I remember him saying imagine when I am this famous, and today he is, and I have nothing to say about it. I support him infinitely; whether we are or not, it is our dream. My King has so many people shouting his name that it fills me with love. Congratulations, my life, you are great“, added Daisy Anahy on the day her husband received his degree.

This is what their luxurious life is like

Through her Instagram account, the artist’s wife shows that she usually wears designer clothes, travels worldwide, and constantly changes her look.