Meet Gohn Nodal, Christian Nodal’s brother who is already preparing his debut with the singer. This is how it sounds!

The career of the Mexican singer, Christian Nodalcontinues to rise like foam and despite the fact that he has shown on multiple occasions that he has a thousand commitments, he always seeks to have time for his family, and the tests have been the times that his mother, Cristy Nodal has taught how to conscious her every time she can.

On this occasion, Cristy’s eldest son has decided to support one of his brothers to achieve his dreams like him and also become a star of the Mexican Regional.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Gohn Nodal, brother of the native of Caborca, Sonora, who is getting ready to follow in his family’s footsteps and is about to release the first song with which he will start his musical careeraccording to videos that he uploaded to his official Instagram account, there is already a title for the first song and it is “El hymn of the hurt”.

This piece will be the great debut in the regional Mexican industry and as godfather of luxury has the support of the interpreter of “De los besos que te di” and “Vivo en el seis”both will participate with the voice in the song that will be produced by the Nodal label.

Former couple Belinda made her brother’s project known on her social networks and invited all her fans to follow the work of the young man from Sonora.but above all to be aware of the issue that is about to come to light.

Gohn, Amely and Christian Nodal are the children of Jaime and Silvia Cristina, together they make up one of the most controversial families in Mexico, due to the musical success of their children and the companies they have. It should be noted that Nodal’s parents are music producers and are now in charge of Gohn’s career, since they know the formula to lead their children to stardom.

Little is known about the life of the singer, he is one of Christian’s younger brothers, on his social networks he has little content and most of it refers to the project he has been working on for a few weeks. His style is very similar to that of Christian Nodal, he wears boots and a hat, but also sunglasses and tattoos, just like the famous former judge of La Voz México does.

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