Meet Natalia Fadeev, AKA Gun Waifu, the gorgeous Israeli soldier with 2.7M followers on TikTok

Natalia Fadeev is a kind of military "ambassador" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a reservist, she fights for Zionism and promotes IDF recruitment.

Natalia Fadeev is a 23-year-old Israeli girl who serves her country’s Army as part of her active reserve service. Since she was 18 years old, the attractive young woman was enlisted as military service is mandatory; however, Natalia continues to be active and is part of the military reserve until she turns 38 years old or becomes pregnant, so whenever she is called to fight, she is ready to do so, she stated on her TikTok profile.

Natalia Fadeev is 23 years old and serves her country. Photo: I.G.

The Israeli soldier, known on social networks as “Gun Waifu,” has 2.7 million followers on the Chinese social network alone, most of whom praised her stunning beauty. Natalia is proud to belong to the Israeli army and is willing to leave any activity if her country calls her to serve.

“I don’t have a military contract. Military service is mandatory in Israel, so at 18, I served for almost 3 years on active duty, and here I am, 3 years since I finished it, but I have to do my reserve duty until I’m 38.

Natalia is known as Gun Waifu in the networks. Photo: I.G.

My country can call me anytime for training and missions because I served in a combat unit. I have to report those days, and as you can see, I will proudly drop everything I do and report whenever my country needs me,” Natalia stated in a post on TikTok.

Gun Waifu and her messages against Palestine

Natalia Fadeev is a kind of military “ambassador” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a recent TikTok, she claimed to be an influencer who helps her country’s military to distract its enemies and to promote Zionism, the nationalist ideology and political movement proposed since its inception the establishment of a state for the Jewish people.

“I was born in the right generation I love being in the army, distracting the sniper, making tiktoks on duty, promoting Zionist propaganda and discussing the Holy Land.”

Natalia Fadeev
Natalia and her message in support of Israel. Photo: I.G.

For her stance, Gun Waifu receives both praise and threats from detractors of the Israeli state, for which she has made it clear that she will never fight “children who throw stones at Israeli soldiers.” He stressed his active status within the militia for the entire year: “Protecting the Holy Land, aka Israel in 2023”.

Natalia has 2.7 million followers on TikTok. Photo: I.G.

He also takes time to send messages to the Palestinian army: “I have a simple message for your enemies. We are not afraid of you. Israel is our land, not yours. The peace of Jerusalem will not be taken away. Our will to live is stronger than your will to destroy us”.

While exposing her natural beauty, Natalia always accompanies each post with a phrase dedicated to detractors: “I love seeing people obsessed with IDF (Israel Defense Forces) girls, yes, please hate me because I’m just so much better.”

Natalia sends messages to her detractors. Photo: I.G.

Gun Waifu introduces herself as an Israel Defense Forces Military Police reservist. In addition to being a shooting and combat trainer, she also takes it upon herself to encourage enlisting in her country’s navy with messages such as, “I could be your military girlfriend but you didn’t enlist.”