Meet Pedro Tovar, who slammed Peso Pluma for going without Eslabón Armado on Jimmy Fallon’s show

Peso Pluma takes the stage solo on Jimmy Fallon's show, leaving Pedro Tovar of Eslabón Armado feeling unrecognized for their hit collaboration "Ella baila sola."

Pedro Tovar – 20 years old – is the composer and singer behind the hit song “Ella baila sola,” which is why he is angry with Peso Pluma. Well, last Friday, April 28, 2023, was when Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma – 23 years old – debuted on American television.

This is through the famous program ‘The Tonight Show’ by Jimmy Fallon. Space in which he would sing the hit song “Ella baila sola.” However, the young interpreter of corridos tumbados quickly generated controversy, as Pedro Trovar said he was disappointed in “Doble P” for presenting his song without him.

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Pedro Tovar of Eslabón Armado (@pedro.tovar007 / Instagram).

Pedro Tovar, singer, and songwriter of Eslabón Armado.

Eslabón Armado is a regional Mexican music group of American origin created by brothers Pedro and Brian Tovar in 2017 and their friend Gabriel Hidalgo.

However, it was until 2020 that they began to achieve great notoriety with their singles “Con tus besos” and “La Trokita.”

That same year Eslabón Armado released three albums in total: Tu Veneno Mortal (April), Vibras de Noche (July), and Corta Venas (December).

It was also in 2020 that Gabriel Hidalgo left the group. This space was filled over the years by Ulises González and Damián Pacheco, who joined in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

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Eslabón Armado (@eslabonarmadooficial / Instagram).

The group’s next two albums arrived in June 2021 and May 2022: Tu Veneno Mortal, Vol. 2, and Nostalgia.

Throughout its short musical career, Eslabón Armado has managed to position its songs and albums in several charts.

In addition to having several awards and nominations from events such as Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music, and Latin American Music Awards.

Pedro Tovar, from Eslabón Armado, invited Peso Pluma to record “Ella baila sola.”

So we came to 2023 when Pedro Tovar contacted Peso Pluma to record his song, “Ella baila sola.”

By this time, Peso Pluma was already sounding strong and achieving great notoriety with their hits “AMG,” “PRC,” and “Igualito a mi apá.”

Thus, on March 17, 2023, the collaboration between Eslabón Armado and Peso Pluma was officially launched with “Ella baila sola.”

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Peso Pluma is trending even in Korea and Japan with “Ella baila sola” (Special)

The song quickly reached the top of the charts on digital platforms.

It is even the date “Ella baila sola” is in second place in Spotify’s Global top 50.

In addition, the song’s music video, released on April 7, 2023, has more than 96 thousand reproductions and is in the ninth position of trends on YouTube.

Pedro Tovar was disappointed that Peso Pluma performed alone with Jimmy Fallon.

After Peso Pluma had a successful performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Pedro Tovar couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

The singer expressed it through a video via Instagram, saying he did not feel the recognition he deserved for such an important presentation.

Something that also began to be expressed by users of social networks since Peso Pluma performed a song by Eslabón Armada but without the group.

Finally, Pedro Tovar said that he would continue working hard so that one day he would be a Jimmy Fallon guest.

Peso Pluma en el show de Jimmy Fallon
Peso Pluma on Jimmy Fallon’s show (Taken from video)

Neither Peso Pluma nor Eslabón Armada has commented on this recent controversy.