Meet Rods Jimenez, the tattoo artist living in New York that worked for Eduin Caz, Daisy Anahy, Lupillo Rivera, and other celebrities

Find out all about Mexican tattoo artist Rods Jimenez, his art, studio in New York and how to get a tattoo appointment with him. Find out the details of his services and rates in this complete article.

In mid-December 2022, Eduin Caz applied the phrase “una raya más al tigre” and showed off his new tattoos, which refer to three of the most important people in his life, including his wife, Daisy Anahy.

The artist who tattooed Grupo Firme’s leader was a Mexican-born artist named Rods Jimenez. He has also engraved designs on the skin of other celebrities such as Los Dos Carnales, Alan Ramirez of Banda MS, El Yaki, and even tattooed Daisy Anahy and Abraham Hernandez of Grupo Firme.

In August 2022, Lupillo Rivera revealed that Rods Jimenez was going to be the person in charge of resolving the covered tattoo of Belinda’s face, for which the singer was criticized; however, the results have not been published.

Who is Rods Jimenez?

He is a tattoo artist of Mexican origin who currently resides and works in New York City, United States.

In his social networks, the artist has revealed that from a very young age, he was interested in drawing and completed much of his studies in schools in the United States.

Here, with Nick Cannon:

I consider myself to be a diverse artist. Art motivates me to improve and master the work I do. i am always doing things I can’t do and that’s how get to do them. The most important thing about art is to practice. nothing else matters except sitting everyday and trying. I don’t consider this as just a job but as a joy. I am passionate for what I do. I enjoy living in a world where everything I can imagine is real. Among all my artistic attributes, tattooing has been a newfound passion of mine. I look forward on finding an empty canvas and taking that opportunity to expand my creativity. With the help of my ,drawings and some friends and family my goal is to keep improving and cultivating my passion on permanet Art.,” he explains in an excerpt from his Facebook profile.

Rods Jimenez, apart from tattooing his own designs, has also dabbled in other types of art, such as urban art: he has assured the audience that he is passionate about his work:

“I hope to find an empty canvas and take that opportunity to expand my creativity. With the help of my drawings and some friends and family, my goal is to keep improving and cultivating my passion for permanent art.”

Rods Jimenez

How much does a tattoo with Rods Jimenez cost?

The Mexican-born artist currently works in a tattoo studio in New York: Magnum Tattoo Studio, located in Harlem.

Here, again, with Eduin Caz:

The establishment does piercings, and his tattoo services start at 100 dollars (1,918 Mexican pesos); however, Rods Jimenez’s services must be consulted separately.

To get an appointment with him, it is necessary to send him an email to the address shown on his social networks. His service works by sessions, and its duration depends on the type and design sought to be impregnated in the skin.

Rods Jimenez’s services start at 600 dollars (11,500 Mexican pesos). The rate may increase depending on the number of hours per session.

Here, with Los Dos Carnales: